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You are the solution to your problems

Updated on July 13, 2019
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Take ownership of the decisions you make in life. The time for excuses is over. You are responsible for your life.

Problems we are facing

As it is right now we are expecting our government to give us solutions to the high employment rate currently faced, high crime rate, etc. Our government is expected to give us money for the businesses we are not even interested in, we just want the money and we spend it irresponsible and we refuse to be accountable when we are called to order the excuses start again on how we were never taught about running businesses. We have removed the responsibility and accountability for anything in our lives. Even parents are not responsible for the behavior of their children, the teachers must sort their children out, but dare they discipline them, as there will be hell to pay. It is never our fault, but someone else’s.

Even in relationships, if the marriage did not work, we are always blaming each other. No one is willing to say I have contributed as well in the failure of this marriage. For us Christians it is worse, God is constantly blamed for our bad decisions. We even pray the prayers like where were you God, I trusted you, etc. We refuse to take responsibility for anything. We make bad decisions on a daily basis and blame everyone else but ourselves. We constantly do what we know very well is not working for years, and when we finally crash, it is really now our fault

Change your Situation

Each and every day we are presented with a chance to change our situations. You cannot change your situation if you are not firstly going to own up to the fact that you have messed up in certain areas of your life, it could be financially, relationships, career, etc. The first step to success in life is acknowledging that you have messed up and looking for ways to clean up your mess. A mind shift is needed; you need to learn to think differently. Make decisions differently. Set goals differently and bounce back from failure differently. We are all responsible to create new thought processes that empower us to succeed in every area of our lives:

Focus on solutions not problems

•Focus on solutions, not problems: It is so unhealthy to constantly dwell on problems. Cultivate a problem-solving attitude. If there is a problem, look for the solution within you, if it is not within you seek outside help, but do not entertain problems. Problems are an opportunity to find solutions. Be solution driven do not let problems dwell in your life for years without seeking a solution. Focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose. What is your life’s work?

What are you waiting for

  • Take a conscious effort to find out what is it that you are supposed to do. This will literally save your life. About 85% of American people are waking up going to the jobs that they hate and they get sick just thinking about going to work. Your life is worth finding out what are you supposed to do. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision – Helen Keller. You are the one you have been waiting for, you have solutions to your problems.

Choose Courage over fear

Fear should not rule you. Make a decision that it will not have room in your life. Rather, fear should be the petrol that drives you to work very hard in achieving your goals. Do not let fear kill your dreams. Believe that anything can happen for you if you keep on working on you and your dreams. Acquire new skills or knowledge if need be. Most people are not living their dreams because of fear and limited vision. See yourself enjoying life, overcome fear by constantly working on yourself.

Fear is very destructive

  • Fear is the most subtle and destructive of all human diseases. Fear paralyzes you. What is the benefit of constantly being afraid? Truth be told there are none. Ask yourself how long are you going to allow fear to rule you. Are you satisfied with what you have produced? Is this all that you want? Do you believe you can do better than this? Do you believe at the back of your mind there is great work that you are called to do? Constantly monitor your inner conversation and start encouraging yourself and tell yourself I can make this happen. Be your own booster. Attend seminars and workshops, read books and follow people who are in the field you are inspiring to go to. Stop beating yourself up and constantly living in fear. Go out there and conquer your fears daily.

Nurture intentional relationships

overcoming any challenge
overcoming any challenge | Source

Nurture intentional relationships

Relationships are very important. Spend time with the people that you love. Constantly check on the people that matter in your life. These are the people who keep you accountable. Relationships are a two-way street make sure that you play your part in each and every relationship you are involved in


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