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You can lose weight with exercise and actually "eating".

Updated on August 22, 2014

Before and after.


You can lose weight, it just takes work.

Twice in my life I had gained weight. The first time I was married and the second time I had an injury.

I think with the first time, I weighed over 220 pounds (and I think the same with the injury) that was when I was married on brief period of time, which I tend to think I was not happy at all so I put on the weight due to the fact I was unhappy in the marriage.

So afterwards I lost all the weight by going to a dojo and I didn't get a stomach operation, and didn't get liposuction, I didn't get plastic surgery and no steroids.

It was the fact that I wanted to lose the weight and I did.

But the one thing I really needed to pay more attention was to "diet" not meaning to "stop" eating, but to put more good foods in my body.

So the second time around that I gained weight, I had a bad injury which I didn't walk too well and gained once again weigh and was up to 220 or maybe a little bit more.

But was determined once the injury was healed to take the weight off.

This time around I have very positive people around me and they seriously showed me what truly was good to put in my body.

When you workout more, you do have to consume more food and better food.

Try to stay away as much as junk food as you can, granted I think it's ok to have a cheat day over all, but you have to make sure to stay far away from fast food restaurants as much as you can.

Be careful also who cooks for you, because if someone is seriously negative, that negative energy is going to go directly into the food you put into your body and if you get sick from eating what people are cooking, really stop and think and try not to eat with those people or better yet get rid of the negativity.

I am very lucky now, because those that are around me cook with positive energy and I have never once got sick from when I am over their house, and actually the beautiful aroma's and smell still linger in their house even after they are done cooking and it seems like when I am around positive people I actually have a very "positive" appetite and want to eat more.

I think it is everything combined with what you what you want to do for yourself.

But you life is your life and you have to do what works for you.

It seems at times when I am working out and at a fitness center I have alot more joy in my life and am happy with my insides.

Basically I think I feel alot better in places that are bendable like my joints and such.

Working out seems to help me sleep like a baby, because once I hit the pillow, the next thing I know it's morning and I have to get up.

With exercise it does help to clear my mind and help me to focus on many things.

But of course in my life, I always had loved some sort of physical activity and would love to either go to the beach or to the mountains where the energy is so much clearer and stronger and it seems to help balance my energy.

There are many things anyone can do for themselves and for me, I just know and what works for me and that is what I try to tell people.

What works for you, you should do that for yourself.

If people make you unhappy, maybe it is time to find people who really support the change you want to bring into your life and keep looking and searching for solutions for yourself.

Of course there are people with life experience that can help and give you suggestions, but you have to figure out, once again, what works for you.

Sometimes it can take us a little while to figure out things for ourselves but then again we are all human and we are all a work in progress.


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