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You don't have to stay unhappy, you can live a very fulfilling life. You are worth it.

Updated on April 17, 2016

Be happy for yourself

Just don't settle for less. You get what you settle for.

The saying is true. I personally know this.

Everyone has a past, but believe me.

I am living proof, that when you go through things in your past,

you learn that you never have to go back to any horrible things,

and you become content.

I personally got away from all negativity and horrible people from my past.

I asked God for help and lo and behold,

God helped me.

Don't think I'm going to push my beliefs unto any of you out there,

because basically I do know about other religions,

and quite frankly I do also like learning about

"Buddhism" too.

You have to make your life simple.

Yes that's all you have to do.

When you have complications,

well, you end up making your life complicated.

Learn to find the people that will bring you up,

and not bring you down.

It is best to keep the negativity out of your life,

because when you have negative people.

they are like life sucking vampires,

who drain your good energy.

So from years ago, at my mistakes,

and having those mistakes,

being the worst experience's of my whole life,

I learned.

That is what you have to learn for yourself.

I never would be sitting working on any of my dreams,

if I didn't decided to take a step in the right direction,

and I did.

So if you want to be happy, just be.

Well really, I am just happy,

cause no rhyme or reason,

I just am.

So everything that is added into my life,

is like the icing on the cake.

I would never trade my place for anything

in the world.

I do know some people wish they had my life,

but then again, anybody that works

hard and doesn't sit on their butt,

well you can too,

Remember the saying..

"Don't settle for less. You get what you

settle for and if you settle for crap,

well that's just what you end up with."

I am blessed that my life had a big change

many years ago,

and I am so glad,

many people have seen it.


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