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You have to be the "change".

Updated on April 18, 2015

We must be the change

As I get older, I get it.

Hub pages has been something to help me "write" and it is practice for me.

I have never went to school for writing and I have in many motivational videos, someone speaks that the reason you can not write is because you have never written before.

So I write.

But even more so as I look at the world and things in my own life trying to get my voice heard because there is many things in life that is important where I know in America some priorities seem to be more important than other things.

My life is changing and working on launching a radio show in which I have my own radio show via the internet well I have heard the words expressed by Stan Lee and maybe it was Buddha, "With great power there comes great "responsibility".

So I look and see many things and one thing that bothers me, if you want to help certain ways in America you can actually get arrested.

I am not kidding.

Goggle the 33 states where you can get arrested for feeding the homeless.

What has the world come to, if your reaching out and you want help those less fortunate then yourself and by doing good you get arrested for doing so?

If we have the powerful to feed people in America, how is it so wrong to go out and want to help someone on the streets and police officers might arrest us.

I thought at first it was some sort of joke about getting arrested for feeding the homeless but the more stories I goggle I am appalled that this happens.

I know there is a story of a veteran down in Florida who was feeding the homeless and he got arrested.

How much disrespect is that? A man that serves our country and then helps the homeless and hungry and gets arrested?

I have read others stories where people have helped and got in trouble too, just by being kind and giving.

Google the stories and you will see what I am talking about.

Where I am and going through Portland Maine, I buy some of these Chinese buns and have passed them out on the streets of Portland and now do I have to be fearful of getting arrested just because someone is sitting on the ground with a sign for help?

There is many crazy things I do research on and as of last week read of this woman in the news or some sort of sport news person, (who I never heard of before) and she actually was eating in a restaurant, got her car towed and it was her fault for it being told.

What happened is this newscaster person went on a rant to the attendant who was collecting the money for this newscasters car, to get it out. Not kidding, it was not nice things that was coming out of the mouth of this woman,

She literally was belittling the attendant or maybe I should say clerk, who collected the money.

Of course she got caught and only got a week suspension.

What is very sad because the newscaster let her job go to her head and thought she was better than the clerk and belittled her.

Of course there was a public apology but the newscaster woman did not apologize to the woman that she belittled.

The newscaster woman only got a week suspension and I think we all know that this woman is not going to care because she is in a position where she will keep thinking her job gives her a right to be better than anyone else.

So I keep thinking.

In things I do and as my voice grows with a radio show, do not be like the people I see do things like this and try to help.

I am not sure how I will help but in America I know that is someone is working a customer service job, not to treat people who work behind a counter any less than a human being.

It is truly disgusting that people think they are like some sort of God when coming into establishments and thinks they have this power over someone in a customer service job.

I don't think it is very hard to treat someone who is serving you in any establishment in a customer service job with a little bit of respect.

I know there are many issues in this world where I would like to help out.

Of course I do work for everything in my life and I am not handed anything.

I think it is good not to be handed anything because that makes you a harder working person.

I think also you tend to see things more that are important and needs change.

I also see a lot with social media in which I do myself, post about what goes on in the world but how many of us, not just post, but do.

Thinking of Yoda right now and thinking "Don't say, do" and maybe thinking of Yoda and thinking of "Don't just post, do".

I am not sure how I can help out, for I am the one that runs my life and no one else.

So in time as my voice shall get bigger, I know there are things in which I hope to help and maybe pay things forward.

Of course working for things and building a business from the ground up is a lot of work but why not give back and do some good while achieving things in life?

I guess I have to wait and see what I can really do.

But one thing is, if we want to see change, we really do have to be the change.

I hope there is going to be ways I can give back in my own way.

The present things in my life is going to help with me succeeding and I know I can give back in my own way.

I hope that will help to also "pay it forward".


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