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You will be "released" and set "free" once away from toxic people and places.

Updated on August 24, 2014

Enjoy today, for that is all we have. Right here and right now.

I learned to fly once I was allowed to spread my wings.

In my own experiences in life, I use be around very heavy toxic negative energy's.

Mostly it because of some of the people I was around and the types of environment.

Past ones I do know with some relationships because it in turn had very heavy toxic energies around the relationship and the environments I was around.

I think it caused me to be so physically sick that I thought I was going to be "crippled" for the rest of my life.

But I am not sure if it was the hand of God or whatever it maybe, pulled me out of hell and helped me to find my own "heaven".

In present time now, I feel more positive energies and are around more positive people.

Some people only want to "just" get by and "survive" in life and I think that is what I was around before. Yet those people didn't want to see me thrive.

So I wanted to find the people who would help me thrive and it just happened that did happen.

They say to ask the universe and God and angels and many things for help.

I know people that don't believe in God, please don't be angry with what I'm saying, I am not pushing any type of religion on you, it is something that I believe myself. I also like to learn about other religions and like to learn of Buddha.

I talk of my experiences so I hope those that feel like they are stuck, you just have to get over a hump.

If a relationship has ended it is just a blessing, and it is a gift from God to stop it from going any further, but for those that don't believe in God, trust me you will end up doing way better in the future. It is too bad there wasn't a time machine, so that you could see for yourselves.

I honestly didn't know times in life, what my future had in store for me, because I kept making wrong choices and wrong decisions.

Now I don't regret anything, or any decisions in life, because if I tried to go back and change anything because I can think, "Well now, I am happy now and I don't feel stuck anymore".

No one life has to be perfect but there are the most perfect days you just don't want to end, like today. The sun is out and I get to workout which makes me feel so happy.

I don't think in life, it is people who the most of everything and yes money has to go towards rent and bills but sometimes the simple things which are a work of art created by nature that you just have to upon your eyes to see is not really costly at all.

There is so much beauty in the world from the oceans, to the tiniest flowers, to the mountains that are very beautiful to hike up.

Sometimes in your backyard you might get a glance at a robin or bluejay and see trees blowing in the wind.

Whatever day, sun or rain it can be a good day, because if your stuck inside the house there are many things you can or you can just kick back and watch a film.

Freedom may not totally be free, but you life is much more valuable are your worth and self-respect can be obtained by realizing you are indeed a beautiful human being and have a beautiful soul because if you have dreams, goals, all you need is a little determination to just start out with baby steps and then keep moving forward.

Try to laugh a little bit more and I mean really, like when you belly hurts when you can't stop from laughing.

Enjoy those tiny private moments.

Savoir each thing you are so happy to enjoy and never take for granted when you can get out of bed on your own every morning.

Sometimes that one little cup of coffee in the morning is just a way to start off a day and that just feels good to know that little cup of warm brings a smile to your lips as you breathe in the aroma of that sweet smell.

Days are good, and even with hardships in life that everyone goes through there will be the best days ahead and just remember this one word.."hope" because even in the darkest days in the darkest hours, there will be one ray of sunshine and that indeed with be your savoir.


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