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Your Core Beliefs and You

Updated on September 29, 2012

You Make Your Own Reality

Our belief system dictates what the choices we make.
Our belief system dictates what the choices we make. | Source

Our Reality and Our Belief System

Our reality is a product of our beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality because we believe what we want to believe. The things that don’t fit our into our belief system become a kind of does not compute and gets tossed. We predict our success or failure based on the framework of our own personal views. Our core beliefs are usually unwaivering. We believe what we want to believe. We look for events that support and validate our beliefs and we limit ourselves by the messages we tell ourselves.

You have probably heard the term ‘self fulfilling prophecy’. Self fulfilling prophecy is the expectation that something is likely to occur, because you believe it to be true. Self fulfilling prophecies start with a belief. These beliefs start from the time we are young. They help us interpret our world and help us form an opinion about others, and what we believe we can accomplish. Our core beliefs affect our interaction with others and play a vital role in the perception and perspective we have on reality, our observations and our experiences.

Our beliefs are made up of an emotional part and a logical part. We adopted many of our core beliefs from our upbringing. Our parents, our family, our society, our culture, and our own negative and positive experiences have influenced why we believe what we do.

Through these beliefs we try to make sense of our world.We form assumptions and theories to prove our beliefs are correct. Our core beliefs are very important to us and we don’t readily give them up. We believe them wholeheartedly and do not easily stray from them. We trust our beliefs to be fact.

We rarely challenge our beliefs and they become an integral part of our opinions, our choices, and our thoughts about ourselves and others. Our version of reality is designed to validate our beliefs. Our reality conforms to our beliefs. It takes a lot for our beliefs to change.

Why Do Some Comments Bother Us?

Many of our beliefs do not even serve a purpose for us any longer, but because we don’t bother to see how relevant our beliefs are, they exist as a kind of automatic pilot. These beliefs affect how we feel about ourselves, and left unchallenged limit us in many ways we are not aware of.

Some of the most unsatisfying aspects of our lives come from our limiting core beliefs.

There are ways to change and challenge our beliefs so that our reality and perception change for the good of ourselves.

Most of us do not make changes unless we are motivated to. Why would we change our core beliefs, something that is so integral to who we are, and our past? We need to have a purpose to this change. We won’t look at our core beliefs unless we feel dissatisfaction from our current belief system.

When our current behavior no longer works for us, we will look to make a change. Our core beliefs may not even be obvious to us. We don’t always know why we do what we do. What we do know is that we have emotional reactions to our core beliefs.

To understand your core belief, follow your emotion. That is why a person can say two different things to you. One doesn’t bother you and the other does. The comment that doesn’t bother you is not related to your core belief and you can easily tell the person’s perception is skewed. The other comment does bother you, and that is because they touched a belief you hold within you to be true. It doesn’t occur to you that their perception could still be skewed, because they have entered the realm of your reality. If you are not affected by what they say, it doesn’t bother you. If we believe within ourselves what they say, we can become defensive. Emotionally, we are connected to our beliefs.

Challenge Your Beliefs

What we think affects how we behave.
What we think affects how we behave. | Source

Challenge Your Core Beliefs

Another type of core beliefs we have, are the assumptions we make about other people. We think we know about them and form an opinion, and then look for validation from their behavior and actions. And other people do this to us too. It is not usually, the person who has changed, it is our beliefs about them, or their beliefs about us. Our actions have either proved or disproved their personal views.

Belief systems help us interpret our world. We want to believe we are right, because being correct serves some internal psychologically satisfying need. If we are wrong about our reality, where does that lead us?

Our core beliefs exert a huge amount of influence on our abilities to achieve or fail. Our belief systems can empower us, and they can limit us. They can help us flourish, or they can disable us. Some of our core beliefs are hidden beneath our actions and our motives, our thoughts, and our views. Some core beliefs are positive, some are negative. Our determination and capabilities are greatly dictated by our core beliefs. The end results of our actions are part of our self fulfilling prophecy, which come from our belief system. We look to validate our beliefs to strengthen our perception of reality. We strive to be correct about our beliefs, even if we are hurting ourselves. Our priority doesn’t seem to be in creating happiness for ourselves, It seems to be more important to make our core beliefs correct.

Left unchallenged, we are ruled by our core beliefs. Beliefs that may be outdated or created by someone else and we adopted them. These beliefs create barriers to our accomplishments, and interfere with our self satisfactions. Build upon your successes, throw away the negative core beliefs. Get a better understanding of how your thoughts have been influenced by your belief system, so that you can begin to question why you think and behave the way you do and what you get out of it.

Our Experiences and Our Core Beliefs

Our positive beliefs can help us achieve more and increase our capabilities, even when others doubt us. Our limiting self beliefs can be damage our efforts to succeed.

By better understanding your self beliefs, you can begin to establish a new pattern, one that will lead you down the path of success and self fulfillment.

It takes one thing to change, one good result, and one mindful act to reverse the long held limiting beliefs that have held you back. Believe in yourself. Everytime I write an article about personal development, I encourage you to change your thoughts, and you will change your world. Change your thoughts and you will change your beliefs. If your beliefs influence your perception, you have changed your perception, and you have changed your world.

The results you achieve today, can be used as a foundation for a tomorrow that is forever changed. Your actions will make you feel satisfied. This satisfaction will create pleasure that you inevitably want to recreate again and again. Success can build upon success. Your optimism and courage will help you take on new core beliefs, and bring about positive changes that fit who you really are.
Even if you begin to change your self beliefs, and the changes don’t happen exactly the way you hoped they would, keep trying. If you really question your old beliefs and they aren’t working, why continue to feed into them. You can make a new path for yourself by laying down the framework of a new belief system.

How we interpret what we experience contributes to our belief system. Ultimately we determine what we want to believe. The more self awareness we have, the more we can change our belief system to match who we are and what we want to accomplish.

Patterns of Behavior - We Are What We Believe

Our core beliefs affect every aspect of our lives. We begin to develop a pattern of behavior and results that mirror our beliefs.

If we believe we can succeed we will. If we believe we will fail, we do. The thoughts of failure can cause an internal psychological paralysis and create a situation known as learned helplessness. It is an unhealthy pattern of an emotional disappointment.

Choose an area of your life that you feel you can control. Set a reachable target and aim for it, so that you can feel successful with a small result. Keep at it, one success at a time. As your confidence grows your belief system will change. Question your limiting self beliefs and never go backwards. Your past does not have to equal your future.

Sometimes when we realize our belief system has caused us pain, we may not continue to mindlessly follow our core beliefs. Why would we want our actions to cause us pain and discomfort.

Change is scary and uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Our fears can cause us to stay where we are, with what we know. But complacency will never yield satisfaction and risks brings rewards. Give yourself the courage to think and believe something new, and you might be surprised at what you find out you can really do. Change your thoughts. Change your world.


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    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 5 years ago

      Hi PDog, You write with wisdom. Everything begins with a thought. It is the thoughts that motivate us to do. You are very open to change and challenging yourself and new experiences. Like a beacon guiding us out of a fog, these are the things that help open up new worlds and help us grow emotionally. I am happy that you stopped by.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      TKI - very thought provoking - what you tell yourself is important, I agree and I've found DOING is where things really start to change or where thinking patterns become obvious and challenged. I have mostly learned that experience will push certain unhelpful core beliefs out the window. Our relationships with others and having many of them/not being afraid to have them is where the real change starts in my experience. Certain ideas about yourself will get challenged and eventually new things will grow over the old held patterns. - as you so rightly point out - what we inherit as our belief system may no longer be helpful.

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 5 years ago

      Hi EP, I am very happy you found my hub good reading and a worth a return trip. It helps motivate me to write more such hubs. Thanks so much for the up rating too.

    • Emanate Presence profile image

      Gary R. Smith 5 years ago from the Head to the Heart

      Excellent article! It brought some new ideas and understanding. For example, I had not considered that "Emotionally, we are connected to our beliefs." This hub is worth a return trip for more thorough reading. Thumb up, interesting and useful.