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Your Dreams remain dreams unless you bring Them into reality for us to share the BEAUTY that Lies with YOU

Updated on July 29, 2015

Your Dreams remain a dream unless you bring them to reality for us to share the BEAUTY THAT Lies within YOU


Your Dreams remain dreams unless you bring Them into reality for us to share the BEAUTY that Lies with YOU

Your Dreams remain dreams unless you bring

Them into reality for us to share the BEAUTY that

Lies with YOU

Motion mass weight and gravity are the primary

Catalyst of the world around us.

Reality is a manifestation of what lies in our

Mind and the world around us.

The accumulation of Knowledge is based

On how nature and time are intertwined.

Day and Night.,naturally exists without man's


The sun and moon make it possible for darkness

Night and the sun Day.

Over time day and night we have a world which

Man has created chronological time.


Is split up into seconds minutes hours days months ‎years seasons decades and centuries.

From the day we are born we age and get older.

Our experiences through our surroundings

Determine what our dreams and future will

Manifest in reality.

There are fixed images such as our homes

Buildings where we work in and places like malls

Where we do our shopping dining and


Our roads and national high ways.

There infrastructure which ‎we as mankind

Have built over time with the advancement in

Thoughts have made inventions possible.

In the Cities

We take plants and grass from nature and plant

them in our gardens and parks to make our living

Environment scenic calming and soothing to the

Eye and soul.

Sounds images motion‎ and communication

Between human beings.


Where we learn how to communicate and where

We learn socially exceptionable behavior.

From the way we are raised and how our parents

Communicate with each other, weather they are

loving and kind towards each other.

How we are disciplined when we have done

something wrong.

The mediums of how we are fed information

And how we observe and interpret the world

Around us

Television Radio Newspaper Magazines Movies

Video Games ‎are the primary instruments which

Govern what is on our minds.

Should we live and are being raised in a safe


We are less likely to be traumatized.

Unlike should we live a ghetto where gun shots

The sound of polices and ambulance sirens

Are are a norm.

The Mind is born sensitive yet our experiences

Make us cold and make it seen normal not to show

compassion towards other souls less fortunate

Then us.

So what is One to do?

How do we make sure or reduce the stressful

Symbols and sounds of violence in our

Immediate surrounds and world around us


There is no quick fix if you are above the of 7.

And you have been a witness to domestic

emotional ‎or physical violence the images and

Symbols of trauma may have already shaped

Your world.

Seek support

From close family member an elder in the religion

You follow if possible seek advise from a social

Worker Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

No matter how much violence and Poverty is in

The world.

If we take it one step at a time, one day a time.

Try educate our self's get a decent job or earn a

decent income . We can gradually make our lives

Worth living.

If you have a cosy decent shelter and you eat nutritious ‎foods and everyone in the house hold is getting

Some form of education‎ or working.

Life will be cosier and closer to a New Heaven

Or Nirvana.

So take better CARE.

Pray as Hard as you work.....

No matter how dark or hopeless your situation

May seem you have life and being a Human being

Is a blessing.

Never give up, thank God and better your

strengths and eliminate your weaknesses

One by One‎.

I know it is not easy.

If you feel all alone and no one believes

In you. Don't let your dreams perish

As no one but you the dreamer and soul

Can bring them into reality.

Where to get your strength from?

Reflect and remember all the good you have

Accomplished in your lifetime.

Surround yourself with positive energy

And vibes.

Everything that brings you down and makes you

feel hopeless, LET it Go it shall bring you no good.

Your Dreams remain Dreams

Unless you bring them into your world

For all of us who admire you to share in REALITY..

Gods Poet Nkosi


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