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Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Here

Updated on February 10, 2019

Do You Dread Dieting?

If you dread dieting, try to adjust your attitude. People dread dieting but remember, dieting can be your friend. After all, you want to reach your weight loss goals, don't you? Try seeing weight loss as an overall improvement program.

How much time have you wasted procrastinating? Procrastination has stolen many a fine goal. There is usually a window of time in which to accomplish a goal and once it has passed, it is too late. Don't let this happen to you. As soon as you decide to lose weight, grab the opportunity at once.

Take a holistic view of yourself. Instead of just focusing on what you can't eat, why not consider taking a program of overall self improvement? If you lose weight, of course you will have more energy. You may also have an increased sense of optimism for the future.

Set small, achievable concrete goals. You can set milestones for yourself in advance. If you just look at the overall weight loss goal, it is bound to be overwhelming. So, don't do that. Break the large goal into tiny goals as well as mid-level milestones.

Don't Neglect the Spiritual Aspect

There is a reason you have been overeating. It is likely that something is bothering you or you are suppressing some emotion. You can use your spirituality to help you access the strength you need. No problem is insurmountable.

Try to write down everything you eat and drink. Knowledge is your best friend when it comes to weight loss. You need to be in the driver's seat and the best way to do that is to write down everything you consume. Sometimes, people have a tendency to convince themselves that they ate less than they truly did. Keeping an updated weight loss journal helps to know the truth.

Take Responsibility for Yourself

Other people have become trim and in-shape and you can too. Wouldn't it be nice to have some smaller-sized and better-fitting clothes? Maybe there is a clothing style you would like to try but you just want to lose some weight first. Totally forgive yourself for the past. You are the person in control and do not need to overeat.

Don't spend one second in the past. Blaming yourself for getting into the overweight condition is no use. You used to overeat but now you will be a heathy eater. Your whole future can be totally different. Turn your back on diseases such as obesity because your heath matters.

Look to a Bold New Future

Your future can be better than you have ever dreamed, yet you must seize it now. The only thing stopping you is the way you think. Become more positive and visualize success in order to get all that you desire.

Do this for yourself and others. Maybe you have a family and they are really worried about your health. Perhaps some caring friends have expressed concern. If it is just you, then you must care about and love yourself. No one but you can change your life. Regret is a wasted emotion so put the past away. The future looms ahead so visualize a great one. You must care about and love yourself.

Become More Active

Have you been procrastinating your weight loss? You simply must get started because wasting time is a great mistake. If you ignore being overweight the problem will still be there tomorrow and it may worsen. A great idea is to become more active in a sport you like. Now, it is true that when you are overweight, no sport is easy. But find a sport that you would not dislike and that you can handle.

It will be necessary to drink more water. Many people think they are hungry and eat when they are merely dehydrated. Stop and check on whether what you actually need is water. Keep track of your daily fluid consumption. Write all food and drinks in your journal.

Do Not Grocery Shop When Hungry

If you grocery shop when you are hungry, you will buy junk food and sugary foods. Shop the perimeter of the store, which is where the produce is. Make sure to shop on a full stomach in order to make wiser food selections.

Also, eat at the same time each day. One benefit to eating at the same time each day is that you can prepare for it. Eating "on the run" is a very bad idea since you usually wind up consuming unwanted food. Eating at the same time each day helps you to remain on a schedule and not overeat. Control and schedule your eating behavior so you can succeed.

Weight Loss Must be Non-Negotiable

Losing weight and becoming a healthy person is a choice you must decide upon. It can't be a dream or a wish for the far-distant future. It has to be a certain choice that is acted upon in the present moment. Weight loss takes a decided focus.

Once you have set your weight loss goal, stick to it. You have to make yourself know that you are serious. This also allows your self-esteem to rise as you are showing yourself that you mean business and that you mean what you say.

Chart Your Progress

At a day-to-day pace it is hard to see progress. In fact, you may feel that you are not achieving anything at all. But if you chart your progress you will see how far you have come. Keep the chart on your wall to keep your goals before you at all times.

Also, don't eat after seven p.m. Eating late at night really packs on the pounds. This is because there is no opportunity to exercise overnight. So there is no way to burn off any excess calories consumed at night. It is also wise to eat more fiber. If you eat a great deal of packaged or prepared foods you are likely not getting enough fresh food. Fresh food is fiber-rich.

Weight loss must be a strong decision. After making that decision, resolve not to eat late at night anymore and begin eating more fiber. Remember to keep track of your progress through charting it all the way to your goal.

Which Healthy Food Do You Like?

Which Healthy Food Do You Like?

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Stay in an Uplifted Frame of Mind

Your mindset is crucially important. Everyone has "down" periods but the main thrust of your attitude toward weight loss should be positive. Otherwise, how will you withstand the cravings? Read some positive books and literature. Keep yourself happy and busy. The decision to lose weight must be approached with zeal. Certainly no changes will be made for someone who is dragging through the day feeling that it is impossible. Get some great energy up to go after the weight loss dream.

Look forward to each day. Wake up with exuberance and do your workouts and eat your dietary foods. Subscribe to positive blogs and buy fitness magazines. Do not compare yourself to others in the magazines, simply enjoy the articles and photos of fitness. Stay in a positive mindset until your goal is achieved.

Celebrate Yourself

Remember: it doesn't have to be perfect. Some people try to put together a very perfect plan before starting. Planning is fine but it is tough to get perfection in the first go-round. Sometimes, we must learn as we go. Also, getting all caught up in the planning phase means that some people never enter the taking action phase. Realize that getting started on an imperfect plan is better than not starting at all.

When it comes to the self-discipline needed to stay on your diet, be tough on yourself. When it comes to your emotions though, celebrate yourself. After all, you are going to a higher level. You are doing something you have never done before. So be proud of what you have started. You are on the way to successful weight loss.


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