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Your thoughts and yourself love

Updated on May 30, 2015

Who are you really?

Most people think or even know that they are their thoughts. It's couldn't be more from the truth. You are the thinker behind your thoughts! I'm going to help you find self-love by using the one thing that you can control in this world and that is your thoughts. Believe me at first controlling your thoughts may seem difficult, but the more you do it the easier it will get.


If you want to find self-love you need to control your perspective. You can control how you view things in life. The story of positive thinking can be tiring and may even irritate you because everyone is talking about positive thinking these days and it may seems super hard to do that type of thinking even if you're feeling like crap. So here's a really easy method to help you see things in a different positive light.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ― William Shakespeare

You need a positive reframe. What is meant by reframe? Reframe simply means you look for all the reasons why you are great and what could go right. If someone says bad things about you and you are feeling like crap your reframe can be they are only saying those stuff, because they are jealous about me because I'm so great they want to be be. So if they can't be me they rather bring me down to their level.

When in doubt ask yourself: Why am I awesome and what's awesome about this situation?

Being vs Doing

If you are going to be positive don't Do it but BE it. Most people try to do things instead of just being the type of person that is positive. Your power is inside of you not external. To access your power you have to be it not do it. I hope this makes sense. To be self-loving you have to be it instead of doing it. Feel the emotions instead of making yourself feel it.

Change your mindset from doing to being

Extreme Self Love Explained


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