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Women Support Each Other

Updated on January 14, 2017

You Can't Blame "The Man," For Keeping Us Down, When We Keep Us Down.

As women, we've come very far. However, we are still only equal to men in theory. Not practice. If we don't respect ourselves, how do you expect anyone else to? The problem isn't that men don't treat us equally, it's that women don't treat each other equally. Contrary to popular belief, respect is earned. Not given.

Not only do we get paid less, when women work as teachers they get paid less because of their gender. Most times, the first lessons we ever learn comes from our mothers. Women. Valuable lessons at that. So what's the problem here? The answer is the problem is us.

I don't lay blame more on either side. But we've been granted the rights over voting, reproductive rights, even just being able to work without someone thinking that there's something wrong with us. The last war on women's rights lays with women themselves.

Men are not the end all, be all. Even science itself has said women would still be able to get pregnant without men. From the bone marrow of a woman, sperm can be made. Men would easily become obsolete. But we've all become comfortably numb in being number two, because it's been that way since the human race begun.

Unfortunately in our case, we are the ones that have been leading with example. It's okay to treat women like this, because even women treat women in that same way. Women need to come together. We need to unite. To treat each other with dignity and respect. That's more important now than ever.

We sit around throwing insults at each other like a bunch of wild animals that need to be tamed. But when men do the same thing we become dastardly, and tame in all the wrong ways. When you sit back and think of things in this point of view, you can't really blame them. We teach them it is okay. Leading them with our examples of how to treat their fellow earthly companions they have to share society with.

Instead of uplifting each other, we tear each other down. Instead of compliments, we throw insults. We belittle each other. When we see a woman who is successful, instead of becoming inspired, we become threatened. We focus and exaggerate other's weaknesses. We insult the intelligence level of the fellow woman. We insult sexual histories more than men do. This is only the beginning of the ways we undermine our gender.

Albert Einstein said;

"Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid."

We do these things to ourselves. We dumb ourselves down, because we feel as it will some how benefit us. In 1972 Marlo Thomas came up with the idea for "Free to Be... You and Me." Created to teach her niece about life, and that it's okay to reject the idea of gender stereotypes. Which is an idea I feel needs to be given more attention and taught to our young generations, again.

After all, we ARE free to be you and me. Lets embrace differences, celebrate them. Lets reject the social norms. Come together as women, and progress!


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