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Your Health and VD

Updated on February 13, 2016

Mind Control

I was working with my Dad at the Automotive Repair Store as I had for 25 years and it was close to Valentine's Day when a young woman came in knowing we also had an assortment of flowers diversifying for business which most stores had to do as they wanted to survive the government attacks throwing more and more taxes at them as the last seven years were crazy having our black loser of a president that knew nothing about running a western country. He was a social organizer and that's what he knew and it was just not working as president for the country and small business.

Anyway, a young lady came in for flowers and at that same time several other cars came on the lot along with the phone ringing off the hook so I had to kinda not give this young lady my full and undivided attention, which was a norm because that's how I was trained and I liked treating my customer's as if they were the only person in the store when possible.

She picked out her flower's as I started filling out the invoice another couple of ladies came in for service I thought, but when one of the ladies said we need some index cards I was befuddled by the request when there was an office supply store right down the street. At the same time the phone rang, as it was a young woman wanting to know if I was in need if a personal item, I will not mention here because I don't exactly remember what it was and it turned out to be someone I had dated being a little misleading during the conversation.

The woman with flowers as I got back to her, was almost out to her car with part of the invoice waving goodbye, as I stopped what I was doing by placing the young woman on the phone on hold as I completed the invoice for the flowers and apologized to the young lady for the service and thanked her for her patience.

I came back to the customer's at hand as I spoke to the lady on the phone and at the same time was looking for some index cards for the customer in the store. I took a second and went into to the shop area to tell the guys that I wanted the concrete flooring in the shop scrubbed with concrete cleaner to get some of the grease and stains off the floor left behind by the many jobs we had done in the last few days.

While I was in the shop area the two lady's were at the 1st garage door opening and one of them stopped me making a statement of philosophy and I said, "are you a Psychologist" when she said no, but she is and I need you to go get my mom out of the back of that car away from her murderer and I'm thinking what a day.

I walked out to the automobile finding three kids playing on the ground in front of the car, one of them having a hand and arm that was nothing but bone. No skin, just bone. It was grueome to say the least but even worse the back seat had a Negro kissing on an older white lady and I said mam you need to get out now, your daughter is worried about you. The black man looked at me having nothing but an empty socket for what should have been his left eye. Wow I thought as the woman got out of the car and the man made some sort of comment that was not understandable to me.

This was a dream I had after eating Wheat Thins and a few M & M's and watching the Movie Ghost Rider late into the evening before retiring for a most exciting night of dreams. I had also been to Sam's during the day and flower's for Valentine's Day were everywhere. The mind is a curious thing to say the least. For better health and sleep don't eat and go to bed.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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