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Youthful Yearnings for the Young at Heart

Updated on June 14, 2016
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Stella has an avid interest in physical and mental health and fitness related issues and facts dealing with sound nutritional advice.

Fitness is Fun

A body is made to move - don't seize up like the tin man from 'The Wizard of Oz!'
A body is made to move - don't seize up like the tin man from 'The Wizard of Oz!' | Source

Maintaining Mental And Physical Well-Being As You Age

Nowadays, well Into the twenty-first century, longevity is no longer unusual with vastly improved medicinal and nutritional knowledge. Many previously life-threatening diseases have now been eradicated or at least controlled. Men and women can realistically except to live into their late seventies and early eighties respectively in most of the world's more affluent countries.

Statistics aside, individuals still have to strive to look after themselves to maintain physical and emotional well-being as they grow older, if their lives are to be lived to the full and remain productive well beyond middle age.

Mental agility is extremely important; you can still appreciate each new day and welcome new experiences right up until your demise if you don't dwell on the negative. Many give in to disabilities and infirmities far too easily and no longer make any effort once health problems arise that appear insurmountable.

What can you do to keep your body fit and your mind alive so that you don’t become bored with the things you once enthused about? No one ever outlives their usefulness or is too old to share their accumulation of knowledge. Keep your mind active by doing computer quizzes and you'll be surprised at how much information you've acquired over the years. Share some of these valuable facts with the next generation and they'll appreciate it.

Whatever your age, the battle with time is a lifelong struggle and putting up a good fight is what counts. You’ll never win the war but a positive attitude to maintaining health and fitness on a daily basis can only be beneficial.

When you get up tomorrow morning, greet the sun, stretch your arms and ask yourself: ‘How old do you I really feel?’ If you're healthy and fit, it doesn’t matter about the age on your birth certificate. Many elderly folk say they don't feel any different to when they were young.

Relish the age you are now and appreciate that you've got there. It may be a cliché, but age really is 'only a number.' So when your next birthday arrives see it as a sign of achievement, not something to be hidden. If you feel fit and well and can still carry out most of the activities you've been used to all your life then don't be overly concerned about increasing age. Congratulate yourself for being a survivor - those wrinkles have been well earned.

Mental and physical fitness are vital; If you give up the battle with time and do little but dwell on the inevitable, both mind and body will cease to function as efficiently as in the past. Your bones will start to creak noticeably and your mind will become deprived of mental stimulation.

Don’t have regrets; if you can still do the things you postponed in younger days then now is the time to do them. Longevity has its downside if you spend your final years bemoaning a misspent youth.

If you’ve always been active don’t become a 'couch potato' with the advancing years, The old adage: ‘if you don’t use it - you’ll lose it’ is an encouraging thought.

Never fall into the trap of thinking you're too old‘for anything if you still have the ability and the confidence. If you know you can do it then go for it. Don't make excuses or put things off the time to do things is now.

Becoming set in your ways is the worst thing you can do and you will lose the battle with aging all too rapidly if you don't remain flexible and open to new ideas. Fresh opportunities will present themselves every single day if you're determined to try some of the activities you’ve missed out on in younger days.

Think positive and don’t dwell on the negative side of aging. Be the best possible you that you can be for your age whatever that age happens to be.

Keep your skin well-moisturised and supple with a great all round skin product like Nivea which is cheap and effective and is suitable for both men and women. Forget all the expensive lotions and potions when a simple and reputable product works wonders.

Dyeing your hair can work wonders for your self-confidence. Shades of grey will put years on anyone so some vibrant hair colour is a miracle in a box. Many products guarantee a hundred percent grey coverage with only one application and need as little as ten minutes to develop. Men take note - not all ladies like to date men with grey hair when they themselves make every effort to look younger!

Be sure to take all the preventative health checks that you are entitled to for your particular age group. For instance regular mammograms and smear tests for women can be real life savers if cancer is detected at any early stage. Follow your doctor’s advice and ask him what health checks you should be having on a regular basis.

Learn that life can still be rewarding and fulfilling, even if you find yourself on your own without a ‘significant other’. Dealing with the demise of lifelong friends will get easier and funerals will likely become a regular event. The only consolation perhaps is the knowledge that it’s not you in the box and it's a stark reminder that you still have some time left.

Don’t be too quick in dismissing some new activity or gadget that a younger friend or relative is eager to explain to you. Becoming too set in your ways as you grow older will only serve to distance you from things that may be to your advantage or even help the battle with aging become less daunting.

Listen to advice from older people and learn from their experience of life and take notice when younger family members advise you on all the new technology you wish you had when you were young.

Eat plenty of fresh and wholesome food such as fruit and vegetables, lean meats and fish, nuts and whole grains. Food supplements have their place during times of ill health to assist in a speedy recovery, but should not be needed on a permanent basis if you eat a broad selection of nutritionally sound food. Get enough restorative sleep and your good health will continue if you make a little more effort.

Go easy on the sugary ‘empty calorie’ foods, alcohol and try to quit smoking as your body will not be able to cope with the same over-indulgence you may have got away with when younger. Combined with an active lifestyle which includes plenty of fresh air and exercise you can still look forward to your ‘twilight years’ and appreciate the good things in life for many years longer than those of previous generations.

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