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Zoonosis-Deseased We Are

Updated on May 11, 2009


Zoonosis; Viral transfer from animal to humans

This Hub is about Zoonosis and it's enigmas. Zoonosis is when humans get a viral infection from vertebrate animals or vice versa. Now I won't get too science on you because I come with the basics, So check it. Humans and animals alike have a protein called PRP (aka Isoforms) The PRP found in infectious species has a contrary structure to normal proteins and is resistant to proteases which is the enzymes in the body that can normally break down protein. When this happens then contact, bites or blood can cause an outbreak. I have been studying diseases now for a week and learned enough. I learned that ultimately most diseases come from animals. I learned that we need to take more care of the animals, even the ones we're going to eat. There a currently 150 zoonotic diseases worldwide. Take a look at all the Zoonotic diseases that I read about.

1. West Nile Virus

2. Swine influenza


4. HIV Virus

5. Mad Cow Disease

6. Niprah Virus

7. Anthrax

8. Lime Disease

9. Bubonic Plague

10. Rabies (of course)

That's just ten but you get the point Our immune systems can only withstand but so much. And who's to say some of these were not deliberately created.(so I've heard). We have to be careful with those cuddly creatures we see outside anxious to give us their diseases. Maybe a sick farmer in Mexico coughed on his pig? It makes sense now. But AIDS, did some one F*** a monkey? If you want to read more about zoonotic diseases then search online. I won't give you a link. It'll be more aspiring if you look yourself. Leave a comment with your discovered zoonotic diseases (that's not on my list) and I'll post it on my HUB.....1


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