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The Best Workout Program: Zumba Fitness

Updated on July 27, 2016

The spring just started. The snow is gone, no more cold, get out laziness! It's time to stop hibernating, stop eating and begin a workout program to be ready for the summer sunny days, the bikini is waiting for us. We need to lose those extra pounds and show a sexy flat belly, right? Among the variety of workout programs that we can choose today, the one I recommend 100% is Zumba®! First I want to clarify that I am not an expert on the subject, much less affiliated with Zumba Fitness®  in any way. I'm just a girl like you likes to look good and who have searched and tried several exercise programs and nothing had worked. Most of the time we begin our workout super motivated and we gradually lose interest, ended up making a thousand excuses for not exercising. But with Zumba Fitness® is different. I discovered Zumba® for first time in the gym I used to go and loved. The routines are so cool that one hour seems like just minutes and you can’t wait to take the next class. If you still don't know  about this vibrant workout program, this is your chance to learn different ways to start.

The Zumba Fitness® workout program was created some years ago by Beto Perez, from Colombia. Beto combined the best and hot latin rhythms to create the higher quality dance exercise routines. Music geners that we can find in Zumba® workouts are: salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, reggaeton, cumbia, and others. My favorites are merengue and reggaeton. I like the merengue rythm because it is very fast pace and fun. It accelerates the metabolism to burn all those extra calories. I also like the reggaeton because the beats are so hot and sexy. You just can’t stop dancing. With Zumba® you feel the effects of exercise from the very same day you start, then slowly you see how body is transformed. I tried it and now I do not change it for any other exercise regimen. If you feel ready to change your body with the Zumba Fitness® program, you have several options, so you can start your workout today.

Where you can find Zumba Fitness®?
You can take a Zumba® class at the gym. This program has become so popular that today you can find it in most of the gyms across the country. I encourage you to visit the Zumba® website. There you will find a lot of good information. You can enter your area code and see a list of all gyms near your home that offer Zumba classes. Also you will find more information as the days that they offer these classes, schedules, instructor's name as well as gym’s addresses and phone numbers for more information. It is very useful, they do all the searching work for you. You can invite a friend to go and take the class with you. The class is like a party. You are going to feel like you are hanging out!

Zumba Fitness® DVD’s Set
If you can not afford gym’s payments right now or don’t have enough time to go to the gym, you can opt for buy the Zumba® DVD set. When I quit the gym this was my choice. I have them at home all the time and I can do my workout in any free moment I have during the day. The DVD's are excellent. The set bring a variety of routines that can be combined according to your needs. Some of the routines you can find are: a basic for beginners, a main routine that includes the best concepts of  the Zumba Fitness® program. Also brings a short 15 minute routine for when you're in a hurry, so no excuses. A fantastic abdominals routine is included too, as well as a live routine which is a little more challenging than the others. Finally includes a routine for strength and tone your body. Usually this kind of routines are boring, but this is not the case with Zumba®!The DVD set comes with a pair of dumbbells which you can use as maracas in the tone routine. Lets make some noise! You are forgetting that weight!

You can order the Zumba Fitness® DVD set on their website. It cost approximately $60 plus the cost of shipping. You have the option of pay the total amount in one full payment or split it in 3 monthly payments. Very convinient.

Zumba Videogames
If you like video games can also buy the Zumba Fitness® game. It is available to consoles like Play Station3 Move™, Nintendo Wii™, and Xbox 360 Kinect™. How do you play? Just follow the steps that the game indicates. The console will recognize your movements, the more accurate are your steps, the higher your score. Sounds fun right?

Want a Free Option?
If you are not sure yet if this exercise regimen is for you, before spend some money, go to You Tube. There you will find thousands of videos with wonderful routines to try. Many instructors put all their Zumba® workout routines there for everyone's benefit, so take advantage of it!

Having explained a bit more of the amazing world of Zumba Fitness® and the many options you have to start with your Zumba® workout program, I hope you could find some motivation to try it. So, what are you waiting for? Visit for more information. Succeed reaching your goals for the summer with Zumba Fitness®!

Have A Taste Of Zumba


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