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Overcome the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Updated on February 1, 2013

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

If you're one of those people who has never experienced feeling overwhelmed, consider yourself lucky! Merriam-Webster online defines 'overwhelmed' as "overpowered in thought or feeling."

Sure enough, if you're alive and living in today's society, I'm quite sure that you have, one way or the other, felt overwhelmed. I know I have!

I have a plethora of stuff that I want to do, and yet I only have twenty-four hours in a day. I do have to take away some sleeping time, eating time, and some other time that demands my attention. There are the skills I need to learn, the blog posts I want to write, the online promotion I need to do for my text ad exchange site, my freelance tutorial, family time, and of course, "me" time. Wow!

I guess the question isn't so much in "how overwhelmed are you?" but "how do you cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed?"

Well, for one thing, I write! Yes, my work area is filled with notepads and a few of my notebooks and quite a few pens. Writing things down somehow calms me down. It makes me feel like I'm breaking down tasks and the feeling of being overwhelmed dissipates. I get to see which stuff I can accomplish in one sitting and separate those that take time to complete. I can then come up with a goal -- daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually.

But I didn't mean to bore you. Sometimes, when you're feeling overwhelmed, just go out and take a long, relaxing walk. It works well for me too. It helps clear my brains. LOL!

And when thinking or worrying leads to your feeling of being overwhelmed, take a break! At times, that's simply the best thing to do! ^_^

What's your remedy for feeling overwhelmed?

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