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Are There Any Weight Loss Strategies for the Lazy?

Updated on August 6, 2017
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Stella has an avid interest in physical and mental health and fitness related issues and facts dealing with sound nutritional advice.

A Weighty Issue

Your scales can be your friend not your enemy!
Your scales can be your friend not your enemy! | Source

Redressing the Balance

Are you afraid your scales will go round twice when you stand on them? Now's the time to confront your fears and redress the balance. Whoever said the camera doesn’t lie, the same applies to the bathroom scales. Carry them downstairs and breathe in and there might be a slight difference due to the gravitational pull of the earth but if you have a weighty issue that needs resolving, your scales will speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Disregard the information they provide at your peril.

Slimline Strategies

Never mind the fact that you haven’t been to the toilet big-time for a while or the fact that you have your time of the month. Get on your scales at the same time each day and if your weight has gone up even slightly since yesterday then address the issue before it gets out of hand.

Please, please, please be consistent. Don’t weigh yourself in pounds one day, kilos the next and stones the day after. You are still fat! There are no excuses; there are plenty of weight loss resources available for free on the internet that can help you with any aspect of your dietary regime and fitness programme.

But don’t be disheartened; there is a tried and tested formula that works which to those with a weight problem is as important as e =mc2. It can take half a lifetime to figure out but it works. S – S = S - Scales minus sugar = slim. Banish sugar and all foods that contain it from your diet and the scales will make you slim – it’s all down to cause and effect. Be strict with yourself at the supermarket to avoid temptation at home. Make a point of not eating anything sweeter than a tomato and you will see fast results.

Eat other foods you want in reasonable quantities and you won’t put on weight if you cut out the sugar. How often do you see overweight animals? Hardly ever and then only in captivity when they don’t get enough exercise. What do we eat in large quantities that animals don’t? Sugar! Treat sugar as an enemy and the scales will be your best ever friend.

Do you ignore your bank balance when you're in the red? No; you need to address the problem straight away to avoid further costs and the same applies to the scales. The obvious is not going to go away however much you convince yourself otherwise.

You can buy clothing with elasticised waists and hoodwink yourself into thinking that you're still wearing the same clothes as you were last year but the scales will reveal the truth if only you care to listen! You have a weight problem that needs resolving. Excess pounds have a habit of growing into stones so heed the warning before you're so overweight that your problem affects every area of your life and becomes so uncontrollable and unmanageable that you'll have to seek professional help.

Choose Top Quality Foods

Go for optimum nutritional value from all foods and ingredients you buy. Avoid cheap processed foods which will do you little good whether you're trying to lose weight or not. Natural, unadulterated foods are the best and buy fresh whenever possible to obtain full taste and nourishment. It won't hurt to take a multivitamin pill daily but if your diet is sound and you're in good health, you shouldn't really need it.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables


Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

There's no doubt about it - if you stay home and sit on your derriere all day you can still put on weight - even if you don't eat very much. The key to a good weight-loss or weight-maintenance programme is to exercise regularly. Anyone who's an office worker or a writer will realise that you burn next to no calories at your desk. To counteract this, you'll need to go for a good hour's walk at the end of your working day.

Eat fruit, but not as much as vegetables and go Caerphilly with cheese!


Rewards and Incentives

There's no better incentive to lose weight than a forthcoming wedding or a holiday; having a special occasion to look forward to provides the encouragement to persevere with your diet plan until your target weight is reached. But remember not to set unrealistic targets in the timescale available. Reward yourself when the scales are going the way you want; perhaps with some item of clothing - hopefully in a smaller size - anything that catches your fancy will do, as long as it's not edible!

Weight Loss Tips

Temptation is a Treacherous Trap!

Willpower is something we all like to think we possess but temptation, unfortunately, is stronger - especially where food is concerned. The foods you know are likely to become irresistible are best left on the supermarket shelves rather than be a constant source of temptation, sitting in your kitchen cupboard. Perhaps you can indulge in the occasional piece of cake when you're out and about, burning plenty of calories from walking but scoffing several slices at home will flout all your good intentions!

Exercise Tips

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