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A Lady's Survival Kit List

Updated on December 5, 2013

Small Emergency Kits For Women's Purses

If we are going to go through heck I AM bringing my handbag! Why? Because I have a few things in my purse to get me through all kinds of disasters. Here you will find my survival kit list. In my bag you will find a few items that I would call survival essentials. And, yes, if you consider those small packages of handy wipes and a bottle of water a "sink" then maybe I really do have everything including the kitchen sink with me.

Along with your bug out kit, Ladies, your purse or hand bag can be a survival essential.

I like keeping certain things on me because I never know when they are going to come in handy. I have used the items in my bag for car repairs, quick wardrobe fixes, and helping someone else through a minor crisis. It is my basic tool kit and I never have to worry about finding it.

We already pack for fashion emergencies, why not take this a little further and add items that may help in crisis? Things like a first aid kit and a multi-functional tool set take up very little room.

Let's explore ways to pack and organize a handbag or purse for daily emergencies and for disaster preparation, too!

Ok, it's a little sassy here, but it does get serious.

The first thing we need to do, ladies, is select a really sturdy purse or bag.

Image: MorgueFile

Handbag Emergency Kits - Pick A Cheap Purse!

Choosing the right handbag or purse is easy if you think about all the places you might have to bring it. Select a handbag made of sturdy material with a large capacity interior. You probably want a cheap purse. Taking a designer handbag on a hike isn't going to earn you any fashion points! Pick one that can clean easy and be carried or hang across you comfortably. It should have a few pockets for protecting some of the delicate items you want to be sure to have with you!

Hobo bags are my choice in handbags at the moment. They have a generous capacity for carrying what we need where ever we go. I toss a bottle of water and a book in my hobo bag on the way out the door in the morning and I am ready for anything!

MG Collection Lucca Designer Inspired Glamour Shopper Tote Handbag, Black, One Size
MG Collection Lucca Designer Inspired Glamour Shopper Tote Handbag, Black, One Size
The deep space in this bag would be a very good choice for packing up with emergency items. It includes an adjustable side strap so you can sling it across your body for easy carrying.
MG Collection Eider Soft Hobo Tote Purse Convertible Shoulder Bag, Black, One Size
MG Collection Eider Soft Hobo Tote Purse Convertible Shoulder Bag, Black, One Size
This leatherette look bag is also a deep welled handbag. There is a zippered pocket on the outside so you have a place to put items you want to find quickly. The chains might be a good spot to clip a tool or two.
Noble Mount Simple Classic Everyday Hobo/Handbag - Black
Noble Mount Simple Classic Everyday Hobo/Handbag - Black
The double interior pocket with this hobo handbag makes it easy to sort out daily use items from your emergency stash.

My Purse - My Emergency Bag

Carried Everywhere!

From going to work to shopping at the market, to where ever we go, my purse comes with me even if I have to leave it in the car and take my wallet for a quick trip through a store. In the bag I have packed what I need in small pouches and little zippered bags so that if I am stuck on the road or away from home for any length of time, I have access to certain tools and supplies.

I am often away from home or even conveniences when I am working. There are times I may have to travel out of state for the day. With the kit in my bag I don't have to worry about freshening up. That's the biggest reasons we carry a hand bag. I keep the usual gum and mints, but I also have those neat little disposable toothbrushes.

Pick your emergency items carefully. They should be compact and easy to use and multi-function. The more things you can do with them the better. You want to keep room for things you use daily and not have the bag weigh a ton!

Purse Organizer Inserts - Keeps Your Handbag Neat!

I love a good purse organizer. It really irritates me when what I put in my handbag slips to the bottom into what I call the Black Hole in my bag! A purse organizer helps everything stay in its place. The convenient pockets keep everything from sliding into oblivion at the bottom of your bag. Keep your cosmetics separate from your emergency gear and where you can easily locate it. If you are like me I have to dump my bag completely about every ten days. Some of the strangest things end up in my purse and it tends to be a catch all if I am very busy.

The side that faces away from me is generally where I stash my more rugged items. This way the delicate items like my blush and eyeliner don't get crushed by being struck when I move the bag around. Line the supplies up in the order you may need them. Emergency first aid kit on top, tools underneath.

Clever Handbag Organizer Set of 2 (Large & Small) - AS SEEN ON TV
Clever Handbag Organizer Set of 2 (Large & Small) - AS SEEN ON TV
An organizer is a great way to switch bags, too. Just pull it out and switch the organizer to another handbag. These handy drop in pockets help you find what you are looking for fast. They keep your emergency goods separate from your cosmetics and other items tucked into your purse. You won't have to dig into the bottom of your handbag for your flashlight or eye-liner, you already have it tucked away into its own pocket. With this handy two pack you can outfit more than one purse or set up a daily kit and an emergency kit for quick switch outs when needed.
Opened First Aid Kit ~ Image: MorgueFile
Opened First Aid Kit ~ Image: MorgueFile

Mini First Aid Kits

Medical Emergency Supplies

Make sure you have a good first aid kit with a few of the essentials in treating a first aid situation. Simple mini first aid kits can contain enough supplies to get through long enough to stabilize an injury or bandage a small cut. These don't have to be very big. Choose a kit that is about the size of a breath mint container. These will have all the basics you need.

Basic kits usually contain bandages, small scissors, antiseptics, and ammonia packets. Consider adding a couple of Ibuprofen tablets and some antihistamine tabs, too.

If there is a situation that calls for a medical professional, seek treatment immediately!

Image: MorgueFile

Mini First Aid Kit Red (case w/supplies)

Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight and Watertight


Survival Tools For Women's Purses

Choose Multi-functional and compact

More compact than your compact is a good size guide for choosing emergency items for a purse. Whether it's a multi-tool pocket knife or a small tool kit, make sure you have the simple necessities. You don't need a Rambo monster of a buck-knife to be prepared!

Choose a sturdy design and good quality material. You don't want some cheapo thing with you when you need it and have to use it. A dollar store find maybe a great bargain today but it will not survive when put to the test!

Essential tools for your kit are a can opener, a knife, and a pair of scissors. Don't forget a spoon! It's really hard to eat liquidy things without one!

Image: M Burgess

Multi-Functional Tools

These multi-functional tools fold down and fit into a small case for easy carrying.

My little fold out tool kit has been handy for fixing the trunk latches on cars in our fleet. One of the drivers will come in and tell us the trunk lid won't shut. Its because there is plastic jammed up in it. Out come my little pliers and a few minutes later the trunk shuts like it is supposed to. These pliers can be used for slivers and other nifty things.

Leatherman Micra Multitool

Leatherman Micra Pocket Tool

Gerber Multi-function Tool

Key chain w/ P38 Can Opener
Key chain w/ P38 Can Opener

Key Chain Can Opener

P 38 and P 51 Army Issued

On my key chain is a P38 can opener. Without one of these little treasures the possibilities can be frustrating. A can opener even of this type can help make sure you can eat! With this simple tool you don't have to struggle to open cans and you won't have to dull the edge on your pocket knife.

These tiny tools are cheap! I would store one in each of the boxes your food is in and make sure you have one everywhere, the car, the 72 hour kit, and your traveling bag!

Image: M Burgess

A Taser For Self Defense

Great Purse Emergency Item!

About the only thing we are missing up to now is a self defense product of some kind. A firearm would be best for extreme situations but in the regular flow of daily life I would recommend a taser. They are light weight and carry a good punch with no major impact. These stun guns will put down a problem in a hurry!

I like the purple ones shown below!

***Please, read and follow the safety instructions from the manufacturer!

Stun Gun, Purple 6.2 Million Volt Rechargeable

Pink Stun Gun Taser For Women - 400000 V

Purple 1 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun

Above were a few pointers and ideas for preparing your handbag or purse for an emergency kit. Thank you for visiting!

What is in your purse or handbag?


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