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Abdominal Exercises You Should be Doing For Perfect Abs

Updated on April 2, 2017

It's amazing that so many people who are so obsessed with having strong, defined ab muscles do only a handful of exercises for this hard-to-improve body part. Everyone talks about wanting to have the coveted “six-pack abs”, but few do more than a simple set of crunches or two. Of course some people get really intense and do hundreds or thousands of crunches a day in the quest to get a rock hard midsection. Think about it though, would you do a thousand curls if you wanted stronger, more defined arms? Probably not.

There are a lot of ab exercises that you can do to get better results and perfect abs. Here are a few exercises you might want to make a regular part of your workout routine.

Twisting Crunches. Instead of just doing straight crunches, try twisting at the top of the movement to make them a little more challenging. This isn't a fancy exercise, but it engages the intercostal muscles and sides of your abs in a way that standard crunches can't.

Wood Choppers. Here's a great exercise that very few people do. This is perfect for getting those side abdomen muscles tightened up. Using a high cable pull machine, grab the handle with both hands. Maintain a solid stance and twist slowly at your waist pulling your arms down in a chopping motion toward the floor. Alternate sides and do the movement slowly to really work your abs hard.

How to do wood choppers exercise for building perfect abs
How to do wood choppers exercise for building perfect abs

How to do a reverse crunch video - Proper Reverse Crunch Technique

Reverse Crunches. After you do a set of standard crunches, stay on the floor and curl your knees up slowly toward your chest. Feel that? You are working your lower abdomen now. Do this movement slowly and avoid the temptation to swing your legs up. This is a great exercise for your lower abs.

More Cardio. The fact is that most people actually have pretty strong ab muscles; they just can't see them because of excess body fat. Add some additional cardio to your schedule to burn some of those fat layers away. You might be surprised at the six pack that is hiding under some of the extra pounds you're carrying.

Keep these tips in mind as you develop your workout plan. Strong, balanced abdomen development is crucial to your overall fitness goals. Try to work your abs out once or twice a week to get the best results. Now learn how to get 8 pack abs?

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