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The Remarkable Benefits of The Acerola Berry

Updated on July 24, 2017

Acerola berries are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and have several powerful health benefits. The berry is potent enough to battle the onslaught of aging and effectively ward of the undesirable signs.

Acerola - A Nutrient Dense Food

Native to South America and Mexico, the acerola berry is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants which are considered decidedly effectual in fighting stress and decelerating the process of aging.

Clinical trials suggest that the berry helps battle oxidative stress which is known to trigger a host of deadly ailments; it helps lower blood sugar levels; has a role to play in preventing cancers; and cosmetically promises you to help you look younger.

Acerola Berry Nutrition

  • Acerola berry is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an integral component of the immune system and is essential for the formation of collagen. Further, it provides protection against hypertension, cardiovascular ailments and cataract. Acerola berry contains thirty times more Vitamin C compared to oranges and lime with greater amount of Vitamin C in the unripe fruit.
  • The berry contains loads of polyphenols which are wonderful antioxidants.
  • In addition, Acerola berry supplies other nutrients like Vitamin A, iron and calcium

Acerola Slows Down Aging and Battles Stress

  1. Antioxidants fight free radicals (which are responsible for destruction and damage of healthy cells) and thereby prevent premature aging. Acerola has been found to enhance immunity levels and protect the body from external stressors like allergens, pollutants, smoke, etc.
  2. The Acerola berry is packed with Vitamin C which is an essential nutrient to maintain a healthy and wrinkle free skin and fight the process of aging. The fruit speeds up injury repair and delays the appearance of crowfeet, fine lines and wrinkles and discoloration of the skin. Further, Acerola berry is known to act as a natural skin bleach, and promises you a healthy, blemish free and glowing skin.
  3. Acerola berries are low in calories and help in losing weight and also lowers the level of glucose in blood and thereby keeps diabetes under control.

Anti-oxidants in the Fruit Fight Free Radical Damage

Acerola Promises you Gorgeous Skin!

Vitamin C is a 'skin' vitamin; i.e. it helps keep your skin healthy, smooth and younger looking. The acerola berry is chockfull of vitamin C; thus, it exerts powerful beneficial effects on your skin.

Acerola helps build collagen, regenerates damaged skin tissue and helps your skin look more youthful. The berry fights the disagreeable signs of aging, is beneficial for the management of skin conditions such as acne and pigmentation and gives you a healthy and radiant glow.

Quick Serve Recipes for The Berry

  1. Prepare a healthy and delicious smoothie by blending acerola berries with yogurt. Alternatively, dice acerola berries and add them to fresh frozen yogurt.
  2. The berries can be added to chilled soup. Poach the berries till they become soft and then puree them. Add some honey to the puree. Garnish the soup with cream or yogurt and consume it when it is cold.
  3. Consuming acerola berries with melted chocolate dip is a delicious snack. Alternatively, one can freeze the berries dipped in chocolate and eat as a mid day or evening snack.

Include Acerola in to your Smooothies, Tarts and Pies


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