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Home Remedies Acne - 3 Tips to get rid of Acne with Natural and Cheap Solutions

Updated on July 24, 2009
It's refreshing when your acne free :)
It's refreshing when your acne free :)

Acne is very common and everyone will get a pimple or two in there lift unfortunately. People always tell you that its puberty but that’s come and gone and those nasty pimples still manage to pop up out of nowhere.

 I suffer from acne/pimples every now and then I want to share some acne treatment options I have tried and hopefully it will help you on the road to an acne free face and body.  The first thing to avoid is getting overly hot and sweaty as these oils love to form together in your pores and really cause havoc.  

Acne Treatment # 1

Apple cider vinegar – I am incredibly huge fan of apple cider vinegar and it has so many uses from dandruff to treatment of acne.

To apply the apple cider vinegar to my face I simply take cotton bud and dip it in some apple cider vinegar then like go over my pimples/acne with it. I repeat a few times during the day. Some people will tape a cotton bud to there face but this wont work out so well as the apple cider vinegar is very strong and should be used sparingly.

Apple cider vinegar is especially good for the skin as it restores your skin to a neutral ph and removes excess dirt and oils clogging the pores. It is also chockablock full of vitamins and minerals so it wouldn’t hurt to drink some with fruit juice.

Acne Treatment # 2

Another dandruff treatment that works on acne is tee tree oil, works on dandruff and acne because of its ability to kill the bacteria that causes dandruff and the oil that cause dandruff and acne.

You can usually buy Tea Tree oil in little bottles at your chemist or supermarket usually marked as essential oils. Simply dilute the oil with some water and apply.

Acne Treatment # 3

Taking in zinc can also be very beneficial towards getting rid of your acne as zinc is needed to maintain healthy skin. Many people take zinc supplements but because zinc can very easily be overdosed on when taking a supplement I would try and get all my zinc through natural sources such as red meats and plenty of spinach.

The best form of zinc for skin disorders and acne, is zinc amino acid chelate, it usually comes in pill or tablet form usually with added magnesium and b vitamins.

So those are the main three that I’ve tried and had success with there are many others which I haven’t tried but I thought I best speak from experience.

Some other acne treatment options include baking soda and water (drys out skin like that expensive clearsol) lemon juice and many others I may post another hub if I give a few more a try but for the moment my pimples haven’t been too bad. Hope it helps.    


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