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Effective Acne Treatment

Updated on June 11, 2009

Acne Free Treatment

Acne clear free skin treatment

Acne – is a bad skin condition Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil, with spot on your skin making skin texture to be rough and can affect you through sharing of items like

· Washing towels

· Clothes sharing

· Skin contact

· And many other ways

Other causes may include:

· An inherited tendency towards acne or genetics

· Some prescribed medications

· Some illnesses

· Poor cleansing of the skin

· Over washing the skin

· Cosmetics that are oil based

· Stress and anxiety

· Humidity

· Physical irritation

· Hormones and hormone imbalances

You can be affected by acne while getting into contact with people’s body, using somebody washing towels that already have the disease Acne does not discriminate whether you are a child or an adult or sex affiliation. Below is some of the common acne, or skin diseases that you are likely to get

· Pimple

· Scars

· Zit – spot, blackhead, boil, blemish

· Whiteheads

· And many more

Majority of those who suffers from acne are those with high risk and are known to be children, teens even adults of age 12-24, married couples. The most prone category to acne are teens and married couples who most of the times shares utilities, and for the kids and teens you’ll get that when they are playing and getting into contact with each other even when sweating.

It has been shown statistically by Experts that about 80% of people who are in this age group suffer from acne and of those 24% will experience prolonged scarring that will range from minimal to severe.

Latest data from The American Dermatologist Association reports that 20% of all adults have active acne. With 60 million US teens and adults have active acne while about 20 million have extensive acne which is quite scarring figures. As usually with those who are suffer and do not seek medical attention, the statistics shows that out of 60 million people suffering from acne it is only a mere 10% of them that at one point have seek treatment for the disease. The main reason why people are afraid to go for medical treatment has go much not to do with the affordability of medicine but to the stigma associated with acne

Acne skin treatment

The best acne clear free skin treatment is to maintain high standard of cleanliness, avoid sharing of items that put your body skin into risk of getting Acne, avoid some skin product, while selecting treatment for these are the greatest Acne Remedies

·Healthy diet - will help improve on body texture, take more fruits and food that do not have a lot of fat

· Oxygenated Water – since our body is 75% water, it means without taking water, not just water but oxygenated water will help our body absorb more nutrients and make our skin more healthy, in regard of water look for detergents that help improve water texture and nutrients absorption consider using a nano product, like BioDisc

· Good Cleansing – maintain high standard of hygiene all the times whether in the house or anywhere you are – make an egg white and corn starch mask. Make a paste with the egg white and corn starch. After which you should apply in the affected skin and allow to dry, after which you remove with a wet washcloth and then rinse to give the great skin texture free of acne

· Adequate sleep and Rest – have more sleep and rest after work to help your skin temperature cool down to normal

· Use natural products such as tea tree oil which has strong antiseptic properties and is really quite effective.

· Use Witch hazel is an effective skin toner and can provide a healthy glow.

· Mint for spot treatment, especially for cystic acne. It has got the ability to cool and sooth the skin and kills germs in the process.

Acne skin care products

· Tea tree oil

· Witch hazel

· Mint

The best Remedy for Acne is Prevention

Prevention as you have heard now and again is the best cure for any disorder be it Acne or any other skin disease. It will help you avoid Acne and to do so is by observe high standard of hygiene – Drink a lot of water, have regularly bath, wash your clothing regularly. Have a regular balanced diet with low fat content and make sure you eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to make your skin zit (spot, blemish, blackhead, boil) free. Eat dark green vegetable and broccoli is known to be a strong acne fighter, does not sleep with your earrings, necklaces, bangles or chains always remove them before going to bed. For those that have got acne, while washing make sure you use gentle and soft clothing to rub them and do not scrub any affected part of your body as this will result into wound which is harmful

The best of the best is the above prevention

Last but not least see your Physicians as early as possible to give you prescription


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    • elija_god profile image

      elija_god 6 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria

      Wonderful hub,thanks for the info Oderog

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks mzoghori, I agree with that to prevent the acne you need to avoid these clothes, thanks

    • profile image

      mzoghori 8 years ago

      As a part of prevention, i would like to recommend that;

      You should avoid garments made exclusively of Lycra and nylon if you are prone to body acne since some synthetic fabrics can strap the heat and moisture against your skin. This creates a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria that contribute to acne.

      Avoid damp clothes and keep off wet cloths.