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Aesthetic Enhancement Through Yoga

Updated on December 27, 2015

Knowing the Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a modern miracle. It has changed the lives of many and cured a whole range of diseases. But the physical enhancements it is able to bring someone who has dedicated themselves into its practice is one of those reasons why it has become increasingly popular.

One key concept that each beginner must learn is that what works for one person is not guaranteed to work for you. Due to the difference in your bone structure and physical enhancement goals, the degree of your practice and the choice of yoga style to use largely varies as well. Once you have taken care of that, it should be easy to enjoy the wonderful benefits that yoga can bring for your physical body.

Looking Good with Yoga

The cosmetic and aesthetic benefits of yoga has made it increasingly appealing to people of all ages, whether male or female. Indeed, you no longer have to invest on expensive cosmetic materials that often do not work. There are several ways wherein yoga can achieve the ability to make you look good.

First off, the performance of yoga exercises for even a few minutes each day enable you to enhance body appearance. Your body image, after all, impacts the way you perceive yourself. It will also help you feel more energized and happy – all of which are vital components that preserve your youthfulness.

In a deeper perspective, yoga helps in the process of detoxification. When you combine that with the de-stressing ability of yoga, then you can achieve a healthier body, mind, and soul.

Achieving Weight Loss

Statistics have shown that there has been an increase in the case of obesity, which prompts many to alter their dietary and lifestyle patterns in the hopes of achieving weight loss. There is also a consequent rise in the number of gym studios and weight loss programs that claim to offer the best method towards an effective weight loss. But once you have lost a great deal of time, money, and effort, you soon realize that the program has failed you.

Yoga provides all the answers for your weight loss needs and without all the expensive price tag attached to it. But to guarantee the effectiveness of yoga as a weight loss system, you need to strictly follow the dietary and lifestyle guidelines espoused.

YOGA for Muscle Toning?

Achieving Proper Toning

Regular exercise of yoga will help to properly tone different muscle groups within your body. Depending on the type of exercise you are performing, it will also produce impact on the specific muscles on your body. Instead of using false weights, why not utilize your own body weight to work your muscles out?

The emphasis here is regular and continuous practice of yoga. After all, you cannot expect improvements on your muscles with just a one-time practice of yoga. You might want to work with an expert yoga instructor to teach you the most appropriate yoga poses to perform to work out specific muscle groups

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Beautiful Skin Through Yoga

Below are three yoga techniques that you can use to enhance your skin's appearance. Do take note though that the following exercises must be done on an empty stomach:

*Kapalbhati – This cleansing method consist of expeling air out through your nostrils, without necessarily blowing it too hard. Moreover, you need to give it enough force to accomplish its cleansing effect. Ideally, you can perform one blow for each second.

*Bastika – This is done by taking a deep breath through your nose and allowing air to breathe out using your nose as well. Expert yogis believe that this must be done first before performing any of the other breathing exercises.

*Anulom Vilom – This is also known as the Alternate Breathing technique wherein you use one nostril to inhale, and you let it out through the other nostril. You need to use your thumb to hold out your other nose to prevent breathing through it.

Yoga: Lying Postures : Yoga: Shoulder Stand

Suggested Yoga Poses For Physical Enhancement

Kriya Yoga is one particular style that is identified for its ability to preserve beauty and retain your youthful look. But within this particular style are more yoga poses that you can undertake if you want to achieve the aesthetic goals you have set for yourself.

One such pose is the Shoulder Stand Position. You will start on a supine position with both feet close together. Then, rest both arms on either sides with palm turned downwards to face the floor. Use your arms as lever so you can raise both legs in a vertical manner. Slightly bend your elbows to provide a more stable leverage as you continue to push your lower back upwards. Extend both back and legs in a vertical manner while maintaining a straight line.

Aside from the Shoulder Stand Position, you can also perform the Inverted Attitude. This offers a slight variation to the former such that you are resting your chin on your chest while you hold yourself in position. Keep your legs at a 45-degree angle as you maintain position.

Yoga for Fitness, Wellness, Mental health & a Flexible Body

Improving Your Body

It is not wrong to desire achieving a great looking body. Aside from providing better health and fitness, it is the most basic foundation to building your self image. In a world wherein most people have placed a high value on looks and physical appearance, there is no reason for you to deprive yourself of natural and effective forms of physical enhancement. Yoga makes it possible for you to achieve your own personal goals when it comes to improving your body, which suits all body types and needs.

Developing Body Confidence

Some people work out their hardest in trying to achieve the best shape and figure, in addition to achieving a certain level of fitness. But the main thing that separates yoga from all other physical workout routines is that the latter tends to focus more on the external. The benefits of yoga penetrates deeper into your individual core such that you can gain a boost in your level of self-confidence. So, you not only look good physically, but you also feel good about yourself and are confident about it.

This is the uniqueness in terms of achieving beauty through yoga. In fact, you do not have to possess the perfect-looking body in order to be happy about the way you look. Yoga is very powerful in nourishing the mind and your psychological health to get rid of any source of insecurity. The greater your body pride is, the more motivated you are to continue the practice of yoga so you can gain more results.

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