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All Natural Shampoo for Psoriasis

Updated on November 28, 2017
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My major interests and career include piano tuning, aircraft piloting, and nature walking. My talented wife made the chain-linked armor.

I have struggled with psoriasis for many years and it has slowly gotten worse over the years. It totally covered my scalp and the falling flakes were an embarrassment. The red ugly skin condition started slowly marching down my forehead and I vainly fought it using creams recommended by the doctor. The creams worked only for a couple of days and then seemed to make things worse. I would use it only temporarily when I was going out so that it would quiet the angry red peeling skin just for a while so that I could go out in public.

The psoriasis was also creeping up my arms, legs and other places. It was past time to find something that really worked.

My wife likes to experiment and thought of something to try. She had a theory that psoriasis was an over-reaction to anything on the skin including sweat, dryness, soap and shampoo.

What shampoo she Found

She looked in Amazon for a shampoo that was all natural without the usual colors and chemicals like Laurel Sulfate that you would normally find in most shampoos. She wanted something that would be an effective treatment and maybe even a cure.

The Shampoo she decided on was Jasons Kids Only All Natural Shampoo. This seemed to be the best of what she could find. I was skeptical but decided to try it out and see. We ordered the stuff and as soon as it came I started to use it. I didn't only use it for my hair but as a body wash. The trick is to use only something mild and natural all over your body that does not irritate it.

I did not shower everyday but about three times a week. A shower every day would tend to dry the skin while not washing often enough would cause the skin to get oily and could also inflame it. Now there are recommendations that a daily shower is healthier for you so test and find out what is best for you.

The Result of the Psoriasis Treatment

At first I saw no results but after a couple of weeks my skin pinked up and lost the fiery red color. After a couple of months it was completely clear on my forehead except for a slightly pink color from the scarring, which wasn't very noticeable.

The skin condition completely cleared up down to my waist. It was wonderful to be free from the unsightly condition and it was better below the waist too. My guess as to why it didn't clear up as well below the waist is because of my work pants that I keep for outdoor activity. These didn't see the washer too much and probably put impurities back onto my skin making it harder to clear up.

Well the shampoo ran out and being the skeptical guy I decided to see if the psoriasis would come back or if the clearing up was just a coincidence.

Sure enough the skin condition has started to come back so we plan to buy some more and test it again. Especially now since it is winter and psoriasis is always worse at that time.

I plan to give an update and tell you the latest after using this absolutely all-natural shampoo again.

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