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Aloe Vera Juice Weight Loss

Updated on November 18, 2010

My Personal Experience with Aloe Vera Juice

I started using Aloe Vera Juice out of desperation really. Many of the foods that I was served did not agree with me at all. Of course I try to avoid any of them in the future. But I have found Aloe Vera to be the ultimate cure for an upset stomach. I always have Aloe Vera in my home no matter what country I am in . I search it out and carry a bottle everywhere I go.

I was aware of many of the health benefits of Aloe Vera and a few years back I started to drink it more and it really helped me improve my health. I have never had a weight problem and I know why. I eat foods that are detoxifying like Aloe Vera and I also started eating foods that are dense in nutrition, vitamins etc.

I drink Aloe Vera, I make sure that I am taking in lots of spirulina, you need it because there is very little nutrition in today's conventional diets. I try to eat more fresh food. It only makes sense. If you feel better you will just naturally become more active.

Work on feeling better physically by upping your nutritional intake even if you have to take supplements. Once you start feeling better then you might choose to change what you want to eat. In fact it generally changes naturally. you just don't want the foods that make you feel physically

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

My Favorite Aloe Drink is Allure

Ok I have tried them all! Seriously ! The taste of Aloe is well not that great. Some people like it but most do not. One day I was walking through the store and they were passing out samples of ALLURE. I tried a little slurp. It was great I went and bought a case. I drink it everyday as I always have but you will not hear me complaining. Well only that everybody wants to drink my ALOE drink because it makes you feel good and it helps maintain your weight.

There is wheat grass, Aloe and olive in the drink. You will feel great after you drink it. It is very comforting on your whole body. Its is backed with nutrition better than taking vitamins!  You can see their website here and read all the great benefits for your self.


About Aloe Vera

Your Weight and Aloe Vera

Most of the people in my family have a weight problem. They are all over weight and mainly for one simple reason. They crave food because they are not giving their bodies enough nutrition.

I do not have a weight problem, I can eat the same foods as they do as much as I want to!

Heres the catch my body doesnt want that crap that is making them over weight.

Yes I eat it it tastes OK But I know and my body knows that its like putting cheap gas in a car. 

It will run like crap. 

So the easiest way to get rid of the extra unwanted pounds is to figure out what food will make your body feel better!

And its not chocolate cake. Ok I love cake I eat it all the time. But I cant eat a huge piece of it, it would make me ill and feel like crap. Just an example.

If you feel better you will become more active naturally. You will want to get up and do something besides stare at all the facebook statuses.

So start to find foods that you can tolerate that are high nutrition. ALLURE is one of them yes.

But not everyone will like it of course. 

Find things to do that make you feel better. I like to surf but it doesnt always make me feel better. I dont really like to walk a long ways but I do enjoy riding a bike around just casualty.

For fun like we did as kids. You know cruise around the block . If you are inside all winter it can be hard to stay active. I find activities that I can do in front of Hulu if it rains for weeks in Hawaii  ;-)

Learn to relax and not take yourself so seriously, its a never ending process. Once you feel better physically you will start moving around more you will loose weight and feel better with out all the crazy diet stuff. 


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