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alzheimers days

Updated on November 13, 2014


oh watching someone go downhill with this disease is so very hard. I have been watching my father go downhill the last year. Now he is considered a feeder. He is to the point where he doesn't feed himself. I cant begin to understand how that must feel to need someone to do something for a person.

I thank the people who do the job of taking care of him. I know I couldn't be the one who would get him up at seven am everyday. They change his diaper and get him dressed for the day. Then they get him to breakfast. Hoping against all odds that he doesn't get in a fight with another resident. Feed him his breakfast and give him his meds. Then change him again. I know by then I would be ready to scream. I can take care of others but doing it for my parents this intense would not work. Trying to get them to take a bath sometime during the day when the bath is open is hard as well. Attention span is five minutes so how they keep him occupied all day is beyond me. He doesn't read or watch television. Lunch change again and then feed him lunch. Some days he gets a nap and some not so he gets to go to the door and watch the bugs fly around outside in the summer and the snow in the winter. Change him again and then get him ready for dinner. Feed him dinner and then at seven pm put him to bed after giving him his last meds of the day. I tried to take care of him when he was first diagnosed and now I know I could never take care of anyone with this disease. I can take care of just about anything but this is one disease I know I cant so congratulations to the families who can and the people who work in the homes who do take care of them.


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    • TaraLRichardson profile image

      Tara Richardson 

      4 years ago from New Mexico

      It is very hard dealing with a family member with Alzheimer's It's unimaginable watching your loved one going through this horrific disease and there's nothing you can do.

      We kept my dad home until the last three months of his life. He didn't know how to eat or use the bathroom properly, my brother would help him take a shower. My mom promised my dad that we wouldn't put him in a home unless we absolutely had to and at that point he wouldn't know us then.

      He fell in the drive way and my mother had been battling lung cancer and I lived with them to help take care of my father and my brother lived next door to do the same. When they admitted him at the ER our family doctor wouldn't let him go home and we knew it was time it had gotten almost impossible to handle even with the 4 of us.

      I don't know if it was a blessing or not I think my dad would have thought it was he fell in the nursing home 2 months after he got there and he had a small brain bleed and that's what ultimately took his life.

      My father was an athlete and took care of his self always. It's hard to watch the strongest man you ever knew just fade away before your eyes.

      I understand how you feel and I'm so sorry this is happening to your family.

      You are absolutely right it's nearly impossible taking care of someone with Alzheimer's funny thing is my dad never forgot the dogs name. I think that was one of the reasons my mother passed the same year my dad passed a few months a part even though she was cancer free. The stress of caring for someone your loved one is overwhelming. It was a living nightmare to be honest.


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