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Animal Hot Water Bottles

Updated on October 14, 2014

Animal And Doll Hot Water Bottles- Ideal, Unique Gifts

Animal Hot water bottles are wonderful. Ideal for Christmas presents and winter Birthdays. As we approach the beginning of Autumn/Fall our thoughts turn to keeping warm and cosy! I love animal hot water bottles just for that extra snuggle factor :)

I find hot water bottles very comforting on a cold winters night or day! If its chilly but not cold enough to put the heating on they can be great to keep you warm. They can be additional heat even if you have the heating on as well. Wonderful to ease the pain of period pain, soothing if you are ill and if you have sore muscles too.

Stuffed animal hot water bottles make great gifts at Christmas and for winter birthdays too. I hope you enjoy browsing and find what you need.

Image credit and available to buy -Aroma Home Fuzzy Friends Microwaveable Hotties - Pig

Please note now the cooler weather is approaching these are going like hot cakes at the moment! I am trying to keep up to date but if the one you see and like here is not in stock you can please click through to Amazon from here and continue to search there for one that is in stock.

Do you Like An Animal Hot Water Bottle?

Do you Like An Animal Hot Water Bottle?

See results

Fashy Microwaveable Plush Dog - Natural Heat Pack for Children

Gorgeous and cuddly stuffed animal hot water bottle

Furry, Warm and Cute Dog Hot Water Bottle

This cuddly dog contains natural grains grown organically. You will need a microwave to heat up the heat pads for pup.

A lovely cuddly warm companion for any child to cuddle up to especially on cold nights or when they are poorly or just need a hug!

A lovely furry dog wonderful for a child to cuddle up to - or even a big kid! Cuddly natural heat therapy.

Frog Hot Water Bottle - Green frog hot water bottle

Hot or Cold Water Bottle with Soft Green Frog Cover.
Hot or Cold Water Bottle with Soft Green Frog Cover.

Cute while not too "animal" this hot water bottle has a cover made of washable terrycloth material.


Frog Hot Water Bottle

If you prefer something not too over the top animal this might be suitable.

It includes the rubber hot water bottle and has a nice soft terrycloth frog cover

The cover is machine washable so practical as well.

A Brief Background To Hot Water Bottles

Believe it or not , Hot water bottles have been used since the 16th Century but they were very different to today just using hot coals in a container- probably not very cuddly but still served the purpose of keeping a bed warm before you got into it.

Things moved on and metal or wood containers were used with hot water inside, better but not very cuddly, even if wrapped up in a cloth

Hotwater bottles were then produced made of more flexible materials en mass and were much more comfortable to use and cuddle up to - assumimg you had a cover of course. These were probably the first that were comfortable and safe to use to cuddle up to in bed.

So now onto today we have a wide choice of covers for hot water bottles which make it a much more snuggly and cosy experience. Animal hot water bottles in particular have the cute factor.

Then there are hot water bottles which do not use hot water rather are heated usually in a microwave before use.

Intelex Warmheart Rag Doll - I couldnt resist this beautiful rag doll

Gorgeous rag doll that can be heated or cooled to be perfect whatever the weather.

Intelex Warmheart Rag Doll, Olivia

Intelex Warmheart Rag Doll, Olivia
Intelex Warmheart Rag Doll, Olivia

Beautiful rag doll Olivia.

Wonderful for cold nights as you can warm her in the microwave and aslo for those hot nights when it is good to be cool as she can go in the freezer for a while.


Cute Doll Warming Or Cooling

This doll is wonderful to cuddle up to :)

She can be warmed up in the microwave or cooled in the freezer for whatever you need.

A lovely present that will light up any child's eyes.

Also available in Ellie and Candy choices. If you click through from this link it will take you to Amazon where you can see all the other choices and more details.

Hot Water bottles have been in use since the 16th Century!

The first hotwater bottles were just containers of hot coals!

23" Authentic Disney Stitch SOFT Plush Filling 1.75L Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer Heating Bag


23" Authentic Disney Stitch SOFT Plush Filling 1.75L Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer Heating Bag

Cuddly, Lovely, Warm Disney Doll

This very cuddly friend will keep you warm and also doubles as a lovely plush cushion. It is a soft thermoplastic material that is odorless and can be recycled.

It delivers the warming aspect when using the hot water bottle with the plush doll.

This is a 100% Authentic licensed product with original packing with bag.

It would make a gorgeous gift for any child and may attract collectors as well.

For safety reasons Never use a hot water bottles at the same time as an electric blanket.

Use one or the other

Never overfill a hot water bottle

You should only fill it a maximum of two thirds full. Any more is too much and not necessary

Fashy Lamb Hot Water Bottle


Fashy Lamb Hot Water Bottle

fashy 6555 - hot water bottle 0.8 l with cuddly cover lamb
fashy 6555 - hot water bottle 0.8 l with cuddly cover lamb

Cute little lamb will bring a smile to anyones face! Giving good heat and easing aches and pains with warmth.


Domestic Animals Hot Water Bottle - Cute lamb hot water bottle.

Bring a smile to someones face with this very cute stuffed animal hot water bottle.

Perfect for cuddling up in on a chilly autumn/fall or winter evening or when poorly and needing a bit of extra warmth and a sweet lamb cuddle.

This hot water bottle must not be heated in a microwave and it is usually best if an adult fills it up. Never use boiling water.

Pups And Paws Hot Water Bottle - Fleece paws hot water bottle

Being a dog lover I like this fleece "paws" hot water bottle!!

How cute having paw prints all over the soft fleece cover !

It also gives long lasting heat and is safer with a large opening for the water and a joint less neck to prevent leakages and nicer as it is odourless.

When filling up your hot water bottles allow the water to cool a bit after you have boiled it.

Do not use boiling water straight from the kettle , hot water is fine but not boiling.

Warm Tradition Child Light Yellow Fleece Hot Water Bottle - Hot water bottle with Penguin embroidery

Warm Tradition Yellow Fleece Covered Hot Water Bottle - Bottle Made in Germany, Cover Made in USA
Warm Tradition Yellow Fleece Covered Hot Water Bottle - Bottle Made in Germany, Cover Made in USA

Lovely child fleece hot water bottle made from thermoplastic which gives long lasting warmth. Odourless, recyclable and safe.


Microwaveable Hot Water Bottles

If you own a microwave these can be an option. They can also sometimes be safer for use with young children or with elderly or frail people.

My Mum uses microwaveable hot water bottles. She is elderly and it is safer for her than using hot water which she might spill.

Microwaveable hot water bottles may also be preferable for young children to use.

Why have a plain boring one when you could have a cute stuffed animal hot water bottle.

Which Hot Water Bottle Do You Prefer?

Do You Prefer conventional hot water bottles or microwaveable hotties?

See results

Aroma Home Bunny


Aroma Home Hot Hugs, Bunny

Aroma Home Hot Hugs, Bunny
Aroma Home Hot Hugs, Bunny

Cute and cuddly Bunny hottie to help soothe away those winter chills and to relax into sleep.


Lavender and Chamomile Warming Bunny

Hot hugs contain a removable tummy insert.

It is infused with the very relaxing and calming scents of lavender and chamomile pure essential oils to aid restful sleep.

This should be heated up in a miocrowave, then put back into the tummy of the bunny for a cosy warmth.

Elephant Hottie For Soothing Warmth

Cute Elephant has a lavender scented tummy insert for a lovely relaxing warming fragrance. Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties.

Just heat the insert in the microwave then pop back into his tummy for a lovely soothing warmth.

Thank You For Your Visit

Thank you for visiting my Animal Hot water bottle page. I hope you enjoyed browsing and found a hot water bottle to suit you or to give as a gift.

Love to hear your comments, I do read every comment and thank you for taking the time :)

Please note i do not allow commercial links here.

Thank you

© 2011 RaintreeAnnie

Do You Like Animal Hot Water Bottles?

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    • ColorPetGifts profile image


      5 years ago

      I would have loved a soft fuzzy water bottle for my sore ear

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

      5 years ago from United States

      These are really cute hot water bottles!

    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 

      6 years ago from Scotland

      I love these! every year we get a microwavable animal, I so love that monkey especially for the hubby!

    • GypsyOwl profile image

      Deb Bryan 

      6 years ago from Chico California

      I have not seen animal hot water bottles before. I adore the microwavable style. I like the way a microwaved heating source is moist and will cool down gradually. These are amazing! Hot water bottles are great for winter and better for kids than an electric version (since there are no electric cords to worry about).


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