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Im on SUBOXNE 4 years and have NO option but a 6 week taper-off. The whole reason is another...

story, for now, thats not the point. My Dr ironically recently opened the first METHADONE clinic ever in town, and said thats my only other alternative after the 6 week taper. Im starting even lesser doses to make it eaiser. Methadone is just "structured dope" to me 'cause I used to love it! the longest without suboxne in 4 years has been 12 days, which was 2 years ago, and withdraws are very different than any opiate I've EVER had. Its not as simple as 3-5 days of "dopesick", than rehab, Its not as harsh of withdraw, but it seemed like it NEVER GOT ANY BETTER during that 12 or so days! I was


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