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Answered Prayers

Updated on October 3, 2014

Years ago I heard about something that sounded crazy. It was called YES THERAPY.

A Gigong Master had simplified an old prayer technique so that anybody could use it, Up till then, this technique had been used only by a privileged few.

It dealt with learning to pray in a "structured" manner, so that the prayer request would be granted.

It is a technique that answers prayers.

He believed that we need all the help we can get in these times, and wanted to help as many as possible.

Frankly, I forgot all about it. It sounded ridiiculous

However last week 3 different times, from totally different sources, it came up.

This was significant for me personally, beause I believe when something comes to you 3 times it's a message to pay attention.

It's how our energy system operates. (my opinion)

Here's what happened.

First was a webinar, done by a business coach. Seems he is having tremendous success with clients. Their income is going from virtually nothing to six figures.

So, he was invited to be on the webinar to explain his technique.

I couldn't believe it. All he was doing was YES therapy

Then I got a call from a friend who said" Have you ever heard of yes therapy? I've been doing it and it's more powerful than anything Ive ever done!"

Finally, it so happened that I got a chance to talk with the qigong master who developed it. He explained, again, how it works.

This time I paid attention.

Yes Therapy Is Structured Prayer

It's put together in such a way that your prayers are answered.

And there is only one secret: you have to do it.

It's so simple that most people won't even give it a try- they don't see how it could possibly work.

Here's a video done by Grand Master Harris, the qigong master who wants to bring this form of prayer to as many as possible, so that there prayers can be answered.

See if it's something you'd be willing to try.


Talk to my hand...

'cause my ears aren't listening!

Ok. I get it. You're skeptical.

Can't say I blame you. We've all had unanswered prayers, and some have stopped believing..

But let me ask: if you try to log on the internet and fail, do you decide there's no world wide web?

Or if you get logged on, and all you succeed in doing is getting alot of spam , do you say that the internet is worthless?

After all, the world wide web is a wealth of information, when you know how to access it.

But if you think the web of energy that connects all the internets in the world is amazing, think for a moment about the INFINITE web of energy that connects every living thing.

We know it's there, technology can measure it. I even can measure it with my biofeedback system.

In this infinite matrix is every reality. All we need to do is resonate with what we wish to create.

Is it possible that we could do that, with something as simple as this YES THERAPY?


Ok, think about this. Just like our computers are all part of a world wide web, so are we. In fact, we operate very much like computers.

Our computers operate on electricity and so do we, but we call our energy qi or chi energy.

Of course we're much more powerful than any man-made computer.. And our "world wide web" is the infinite matrix created by God.

Just like man-made computers, we also have downloads. Ours are on our DNA.

Maybe the most powerful one is a program called RESISTANCE TO CHANGE.

Could be this program was put in our systems to protect us. But it can mess us up. We have belief systems that don't serve us, but we will not change them.

Here's a way to use YES THERAPY to work with this, if you feel it is a problem:

I have resistance. YES

Can you clear this resistance? YES

Will you clear this resistance? YES

Thank You.

Maybe then you will at least try this approach, to see if it leads to answered prayers.


Let Me Explain How Answered Prayers Can Result From Yes Therapy

to everybody who just went off the deep end.

Except of course I don't really understand it either.

All I know is that quantum physics says we are energy, frequency, vibration- whatever you want to call it.

We are part of an infinite matrix of vibration. It runs through us, around us, and connects us to each other.

It's kind of like we're televisions. Think about it. We know hundreds of shows are beaming down to us from a satellite. Don't know about you, but it is beyond my ability to explain how it all works. However, by setting my remote control to a certain range of frequency, I can get little people in my television.

I get the show my television resonates with, based on the remote control's setting.

So here we are, also beaming up energy into the infinite matrix. Our resonance is set by our heredity, our environment- too many factors to even comprehend.

We might even be a software program ourselves. (That's what Greg Braden says.)

We might have every reality out there, but we're like a chimpanzee at a computer. We can press the keys but don't really have a clue how to operaate the system.

Maybe that's the reason for unanswered prayers.

Do You Get It? - Go out and collect your blessing!


God Sends In The Healing Force

but I really don't understand how it works!

This prayer is simply a way of connecting us to the correct energy in the matrix.

But we are so programmed to believe we're here to suffer that many refuse to even consider the possibility that God created the matrix for us to "have all things."

And of course what do I really know? I'm just sharig what I've come to believe based on work with quantum energy.

And I've tried alot of approaches to see what really works..

This YES THERAPY- well, it works.


We Must Be Self Sufficient In The World We Live In Today

Could it be that most people are not really educated on how to pray because they don't understand that we're energetic beings?

Are we suppossed to grovel, to whine, to beg?

What kind of energy would we resonate with then?

Or Are We Supposed To Elevate To A Higher Level Of Consciousness?

You could do YES THERAPY every day.

If that's what you decide, be as specific or general as you want to be.

Whatever you can think of you can pray for - some things take a little longer than others.

Use it for anything and share it with others!

And for those still here, thanks for taking a look at this lens.

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    • siobhanryan profile image

      siobhanryan 5 years ago

      Good lens

    • checkyourvibe profile image

      Cathy Slaght 5 years ago from St. Petersburg, Fl

      @ragtimelil: Take a look at this link-

      Hope this helps- the techique is powerful! Let me know if you have any more questions-

    • ragtimelil profile image

      ragtimelil 5 years ago

      Is there anything online that explains this in text? I can't hear the videos.