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Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

Updated on July 27, 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to raw, organic apple cider vinegar, health benefits are so numerous, it's difficult to know where to begin!

First I must underline that it should be raw organic apple cider vinegar, with the mother. The regular apple cider vinegar you buy in supermarkets may be very tasty, clear and pretty to look at, and a good choice for salad dressings; however it is the 'real McCoy' that is needed here.

Organic Apples

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Raw, Organic, Apple Cider Vinegar

When in its purest form, with the mother, it contains a wealth of vital vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, pectin, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, chlorine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and fluorine Allsopp

Natural apple cider vinegar is made from organically grown apples, which are crushed, and allowed to mature in wooden barrels. This produces natural fermentation; very different from the refining and distilling methods used in supermarket vinegar.

Once matured, it appears dark and cloudy with sediment floating around inside. This is friendly bacteria known as 'mother' Some of this mother is then added to the next stock of maturing apples, to hasten the process.

Raw organic apple cider vinegar with the mother contains many enzymes and minerals extremely beneficial to health: In regular vinegar distillation, these benefits are lost.

Some of the Benefits of A.C.V . are:

Cures acid reflux (probably best known for this)

Helps to reduce high cholesterol.

Helps fight sinus infection

Soothes sore throats

Fights allergies (also in animals)

Protects against food poisoning

Helps to prevent muscle fatigue with exercising

Increases stamina

Increases metabolism (helping in weight loss)

Strengthens the immune system

Relieves constipation

Improves digestion

Provides relief in arthritis and gout

Reduces halitosis, or bad breath

Protects against, and helps cure, urinary tract infections and gallstones.

ACV is also an effective deodorant, by helping to adjust the pH level of the skin, thus helping to eliminate bacteria. Drinking it helps, though naturally diluted in water: It can also be applied with cotton wool directly to the armpits.

To fight foot odour; add a cupful to a large bowl of warm water and soak for 20 minutes or so, once or twice a week.

To help fight acne, it can be daubed directly onto the boils, or taken as a drink, diluted in water. Add honey to sweeten if necessary.

Apple cider vinegar rubbed into the skin can help with both liver spots (age spots) and cellulite.

ACV is effective in helping both diarrhoea and constipation: Taken three or four times a day, two tablespoons per glass of water, will readjust the bowel to working correctly. As a prevention, take this dose once every morning, to keep your system working well.

An important thing to remember is to shake the bottle extremely well before using: This will ensure the mother is evenly distributed before pouring. The mother is the important factor after all.

Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in treating diabetes, as it helps to control blood sugar levels.

There are no known side-effects to Apple cider vinegar, apart from; as with any acids, possible harm to tooth enamel. which is why it is suggested you dilute always with water, or sweeten with honey. A pinch of baking soda will also reduce acidity

ACV can be bought in any health store, or even online. Check for a pH level of 5 to 7.

Apple cider vinegar can also be bought in capsules, possibly easier to take, but be sure they are of raw, organic, apple cider vinegar with the mother

Hippocrates used this vinegar and honey as the main ingredients for the original medicines.

The age-old saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' is actually truer than you might think. Fresh apples actually are very very good for your health: There are a whole list of ailments for which apples are listed as helpful, and once fermented, contain extra enzymes and goodness.

Apple cider vinegar is amazingly very good for our pets too. Any animal from birds through to cows and horses, can benefit. As a daily tonic, it will deter mosquitoes, fleas, tics, etc. It relieves skin irritations, and will even remove the odour of a skunk!

ACV also acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant; is non-toxic so even good to use around babies and pets.

Raw organic apple cider vinegar with the mother is an absolute must for your cupboard. Remember, shake really well to ensure the mother is evenly distributed, then add two tablespoons to a glass of water, add a little honey, and drink first thing every morning. Not only will you be preventing illnesses, but also helping your body with the strengthening of bones, cleaning of the digestive system, and general well-being.

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