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Aromatherapy Products As Gift Ideas

Updated on October 8, 2014

Aromatherapy Products As Gift Ideas

The act of gift giving has been a tradition that humans have observed for several centuries and in different cultures. It is a way of showing one's appreciation for another, wishing luck, or just lavishing them with items that one can enjoy. As simple as this act might appear, it is actually a tough challenge for some to decide what items to give as gifts that will please the recipient. And with the current concern on health issues and the need to turn to natural choices of products, giving out aromatherapy products as gifts makes a whole lot of sense.

The best thing about aromatherapy gift ideas is that it is suitable for anytime of the year and different types of individuals can make use of it. It also suits individuals from different age range and lifestyles. Plus, one can utilize it whether at home or wherever they go. This gift idea therefore combines practicality, luxury and efficiency, which is perfect for modern times.

Aromatherapy Gifts and Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy Gifts for Women

Women have special needs and the use of aromatherapy is great way to naturally address those needs. There are specific types of oils that have been recognized all throughout history to facilitate in the proper function of women's bodies. These include bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, cypress, geranium, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, melissa, marjoram, neroli, rosemary, rose, sandalwood, tea tree, and ylang ylang.

When it comes to choosing what products to give out as aromatherapy gifts, there is a seemingly endless list of options. One common idea is to give out aromatherapy perfumes. You can now easily access essential oil perfumes in the market that are made out of various essential oils that emit a delicate and sweet scent, suitable for making perfumes.

Women also love the idea of bathing or performing activities that help nourish their body or skin. Hence, go for products such as shower gel, facial cream, body wash, aromatherapy bath salt, aromatherapy bubble bath, aromatherapy shampoo, and soap.

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Aromatherapy Gifts for Men

Men are just as concerned as women are with their physical appearance and skin condition. Hence, you can lavish them with aromatherapy products as gifts. Since their needs differ from that of women, you can take on a different approach when deciding on that perfect gift. 

If someone is particular about shaving his facial hair, you can give him an aromatherapy shave cream. It is made out of sandalwood and other gentle essential oils that leave his skin feeling smooth and richly scented after using the essential oil shaving cream. Plus, sandalwood is known to nourish the skin with proper nutrients, it helps to keep skin hydrated and protect against free radicals that might cause dryness or irritation.

Another top choice for aromatherapy gifts for men is an aftershave gel. Some of the common essential oil ingredients used on this one include lavender, aloe, calendula, witch hazel, and sandalwood. Its moisturizing effect helps to achieve proper skin tone and make it feeling smooth soon after shaving. When shopping for these aromatherapy products to give out to the men in your life, make sure to consult expert aromatherapists on what are the best essential oils for men to give you a better idea.

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Aromatherapy Gifts for The Corporate Individual

Being part of the corporate world subjects one to constant amount of work pressure in an effort to meet deadlines, hectic schedules, and a lot of traveling in between. Sometimes, your home become an extension of the workplace such that you constantly think about work responsibilities even at home. This prevents you from truly setting aside time to relax and rejuvenate both mind and body from mental stress and worries. In the long run, this could prove detrimental to one's health.

If you know someone who leads exactly that kind of lifestyle, you can show your concern and support for them by giving out aromatherapy corporate gift baskets. Included in this range of gift products include essential oils that you can use to de-stress. Typical items included are bottled essential oils that one could conveniently massage onto their temples for immediate relief from headache, anxiety, or mental stress. Other forms could also be inhaled and as soon as the essences from the oil enter your nasal passages, it is quickly absorbed by your brain to reverse the effects. Since they come in handy bottles, one can take it with them wherever they go, which is certainly ideal for a corporate individual.

At home, they could also make use of essential oil bath items that will help to re-energize the body. Not only are aromatherapy bath relaxing for them, it also nourishes the body to make you feel renewed and revitalized so you can start a new day with top mental performance and increased energy.

Aromatherapy Gifts That Pamper

In addition to the healing capacity offered by essential oils, aromatherapy products also offer a lot of pampering opportunities. Wouldn't it be nice to end your day relaxing on the tub filled with essential oil extracts, or lighting aromatherapy candles to brighten up your mood? So, if you want to pamper someone with these products, then make sure to buy them aromatherapy basket as gift.

Some of the pampering products that you can include in the gift basket are aromatherapy foot soak, body lotion, body cream, perfumes, and bath oil. Scented candles using essential oil extracts are fast gaining popularity due to its relaxing and vibrant aromas, as well as the stylish appeal to them. And as soon as you light up the wick, it just continues to fill the air with the fragrances from the oil used.

Aromatherapy Gifts for the Ill

The impact of using essential oils in aromatherapy when it comes to one's health is truly significant. Hence, you can help a friend or family member recover quickly from certain ailments by giving them aromatherapy gifts.

The best thing about essential oils in the process of promoting healing is that it targets not only your physical body, but also your mental and spiritual body. By combining both aspects of healing, one can enjoy a truly holistic healing process and prevent the ailment from coming back.


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