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Aromatherapy- Heart and Soul of Well Being

Updated on May 16, 2016

Aromatherapy: What it is?

Aromatherapy: What it is?

In aromatherapy, one makes use of volatile plant oils and essential oils for the rationale of achieving physical as well as mental well being. These oils are believed to offer paramount benefits if used in a right manner and right measure. Some natural ingredients consisting of herbs, mud, clay, milk powder are also used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can thus be defined as the process where essential oils are diffused into the air so that one feels the aroma and his mind gets revitalized. This is a good method of relaxing mind and soul. This practice has developed from the ancient practice in which plant essences were used to rejuvenate people. These essential oils are collected from the flowers, fruits, roots and barks of various trees.

This therapy appeases and calms down ones mind and soul by stamping out all anxieties like headaches and pains. It also reduces tensions and relaxes the body. Using right sort of oils produce the desired end results. There is a heavy array of products that can be used by different people depending upon the requisites and the results may vary accordingly. Lavender is another product that is used in aromatherapy that helps in mitigating stress. In good and high priced saloons experts offer body massages in which oils that are used are a mixture of lavender and lubricating oil. Essential oils also help in plummeting body aches. Aromatherapy as such soothes and calms mind and body.

More on Aromatherapy

This therapy these days is also used in hospitals with the aim of reducing the stress of the patients. In some hospitals even the staff uses this therapy to cut down the anxiety level. Some employees in the hospitals believe that this therapy helps them to concentrate more in their work. The reporters who move from hospital to hospital so as to know the efficacy of the therapy state that patients feel that this therapy calms them down. Aromatherapy works on the nervous system and stimulates physical and mental well being. This therapy keeps the human body at ease. People all over the globe have realized the worth of it and the zeal among people to use it has increased manifolds in the recent years. It also elevates ones mood concentration level, thus enhancing the working power.

Aromatherapy reduces the stress and rejuvenate the mind and soul. Lavender’s essence has a healing effect that puts impact on ones mind and soul. This therapy is also introduced into many hospitals these days. As such this therapy is the best one to make a person feel fresh and happy.


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    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 6 years ago from India

      Rieom its the magic of both,,,lavender and yoga...that makes you relax

      phillip thanks

    • profile image

      phillip 6 years ago


    • profile image

      rieom 7 years ago

      When I was taking classes, the instructor would bring oils with her and put scent of lavender on our wrists. I am not sure if it was the lavender or the yoga that was so relaxing.