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How I Relieve My Pain from Neck Arthritis

Updated on October 8, 2014

What would you do for relief from chronic pain? If you are like me, quite a lot!

I have arthritis in my neck, and it is painful and inconvenient. The chronic discomfort interferes with sleeping and many activities. Add to this the fact that I am a writer, so I spend most of my workday hunched over a computer. That doesn't help matters any!

By the time I go to bed, the pain in my neck joints makes it hard to get comfortable. Ibuprofen helps take the edge off most of the time, but sometimes the pain wins out. Those are the times I need relief the most!

My doctor gave me some prescription medicine that is supposed to help. I have tried several different kinds, with varying results. It seems to work sometimes and not at others. Who can explain it?!

But now I am happy to report that I have found a simple solution to my chronic pain problem: Aspercreme! Yes, this little tube is filled with a lotion that provides soothing relief for my aches and pains. It is so very welcome now that autumn is here, with cold and damp weather that just seems to make everything feel worse. Now I have a way to feel better! And it works pretty fast!

I really like that this is topical, so less medicine is going into my bloodstream. Rather than affecting my entire body, including my brain, which I really don't like to mess with! This lotion goes onto the skin. I massage it into the back of my neck, and I can feel the pain dissolve. It is very soothing!

Unlike some products, this creme has no odor. I'll never forget the day I was scheduled to take a class, and woke up in so much pain I wasn't sure I would be able to pay attention to the instructor. The only thing I had on hand was Ben Gay. I rubbed some of that in, and hoped the fragrance would vanish by the time I got there. No such luck! Not long after I found my seat and arranged my supplies, I heard a voice behind me whisper, "It smells like Ben Gay in here." No one wants to go through their day smelling like menthol. With Aspercreme I was happy to discover that no one will be the wiser!

When I went to Amazon, I saw that Aspercreme had a large number of 5-star reviews, including one from a pain management doctor. He said this product works best on small joints that are close to the skin. I think the neck joints probably qualify for this description. I also have shoulder pain and it seems to work less well for that pain, which is probably deeper inside the joint. It does work somewhat on the shoulder, just not as well as on the neck vertebrae.

So, if you suffer from neck arthritis pain like I do, give this lotion a try and see if it helps you feel better like I do!

Aspercreme makes a variety of pain relief cremes, so you can choose the formulation that is right for you. I have only used the one I have shown above. It works great for me and I see no reason to change. However, you might find another formula to work better for your specific needs.

ASPERCREME Max Arthritis Strength No-Mess Roll-On Pain Relieving Liquid 2.50 oz
ASPERCREME Max Arthritis Strength No-Mess Roll-On Pain Relieving Liquid 2.50 oz

If you prefer a roll-on, this formulation may be perfect for your needs. This seems to be the easiest way to apply Aspercreme to your back independently. So, if you have back pain and no one to help you apply a lotion, give this roll-on applicator a try!

Aspercreme Heat Pain Relieving Gel, 2.5 Ounce
Aspercreme Heat Pain Relieving Gel, 2.5 Ounce

Do you like a heat sensation to relieve pain? Then why not try this formula? This one is a gel with a sponge applicator. Great for knee pain!


Here are some videos about neck arthritis. These might be helpful if you have this form of pain, or if you are wondering if the neck pain you are experiencing might be from arthritis. I hope you find them beneficial.

Unsure whether or not you have neck arthritis? This video can help!

The proper way to sleep if you have neck arthritis, or other forms of neck or back pain.

An important exercise to help relieve neck pain.

Do you suffer from arthritis pain?

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Tell us about your chronic pain and how you have found relief!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I use Aspercreme on occasion, and it helps!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

      I get pain in my legs, mostly the knees but luckily Ibuprofen helps. I should give Aspercreme a try though. I think we have some in the medicine cabinet already.