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Autism Aromatherapy: What Is This?

Updated on December 23, 2015

What is Autism?

No one is able to identify clearly what the real cause of autism is, which makes it quite a puzzle of a disorder to treat. However, what health and medicinal experts have been able to identify are potential triggers that would cause someone to develop autistic behavior. Moreover, many researchers have come into a conclusion that this is a form of birth defect, hence autism is acquired by birth. Others would suggest that it can result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

One research suggest that there might be a link between vaccines and autism, specifically the MMR vaccine due to intestinal problems that could result from the vaccination and the consequent development of autistic symptoms. The genetic basis for autism is also gaining attention since several studies have indicated that families who had a line of autism are most likely produce autistic children as well. Atypical brain development is another factor that health experts are examining since stark differences have been identified with a typical brain against autistic brain. Other factors that are being considered in relation with autism includes weak immune system, poor nutrition, and food allergies.

How Can Aromatherapy Help?

Essential Oils have been used since ancient times and until modern day for natural cure to a wide range of diseases. These same benefits can also be utilized for treating autism and its symptoms. Most of the essential oils recommended for autism treatment are currently undergoing research studies and clinical trials, in coordination with efforts at finding out more essential oils known to contain properties that benefit anyone suffering from autism.

The ability of essential oils and its molecular properties to affect both physical and psychological functions in the body is one reason why it is currently being evaluated for autism treatment. When the aroma of the essential oil is introduced into your nasal passages, it travels to the brain's limbic center to affect neurological and physiological functions. And the fact that this is a completely natural treatment that offers no possibility of side effects make health researchers confident about the ability of essential oils to address problems with autism.

Hawaiian Oils and the Benefits of Essential Oils

Suggested Essential Oils For Autistic Children

The limbic center in your brain is responsible for controlling all the physical, psychological, and emotional responses that your body performs based on stimulus coming from the outside. Hence, the capacity of essential oils to target your limbic center make them a powerful tool in treating autism and its symptoms. In the case of autistic children, it enables them to remain calm and keep their body coordinated when feelings of anxiety begin to win them over.

The effect on your body and emotional state will basically depend on the type of essential oil you use during autism aromatherapy. Hence, you need to spend a great deal of time examining your choices to ensure that you get the best results. Below are three of the essential oils discovered to contain properties that help treat autistic conditions, based on clinical trials and research studies conducted by health experts.


Research has proven cedarwood essential oil as one of those containing vital properties that can treat autistic children. It comes with a smoky scent that helps to relax your body and alert your senses. These two effects that cedarwood can bring to children with autism will enable them to lead a normal lifestyle and body function. With the physical and mental body working properly, it enables autistic children to perform regular tasks with ease and lose that anxiety involved with social settings. The aromatic essences emitted by the oil helps to regulate an individual's mood such that there is an immense improvement in their social behavior.

Cedarwood has also been proven by research studies to contain elements that enhance brain power. The suggested method of application for cedarwood essential oil is through inhalation. Continued usage of the oil for 30 days will enable children with autism to acquire its healing properties and experience valid results.

Lavender Oil


Lavender oil is another famous oil that is used for versatile purposes in aromatherapy. However, its powerful healing ability is also identified to benefit anyone suffering from autism. It comes with a relatively light and mild scent that is rich in medicinal value. In fact, it is a top choice for various emotional or physical conditions such as insomnia or stress-induced sleeping disorders. It has this unique ability to target your brain's limbic system, such that introducing the essences of lavender oil into your system can aid in mood regulation and mental relaxation.

To improve overall mood and social behavior of an autistic child, lavender oil is often used for massage or added into an inhalation device for portable relief. Continued use of lavender oil for autism aromatherapy has been known to produce significant results. If your autistic child is having difficulty sleeping at night, then the use of lavender oil is highly suggested.


Vetiver essential oil is one of three essential oils that have been identified by health researchers to potentially address problems with autism or manage its symptoms. It comes with a musky smell and is identified to alleviate symptoms of autism with use over a given period of time. The properties of the vetiver oil help to stimulate your brain, specifically the sections that control your hormones and emotions.

These internal activities promoted by the use of essential oil for autistic children will improve their ability to manage emotions. With continued use, one can expect normalization of brain wave patterns to improve overall behavior and scholastic performance.

Proper Administration of Autism Aromatherapy

As important as properly choosing the essential oil you are going to use for autism aromatherapy is the administration of these oils. To learn more about how you can enable an autistic child to acquire the healing properties of the oil and practice safety measures, read more below:

  • When dealing with essential oils, never forget to dilute it with a carrier oil to prevent harsh side effects. The same goes with using essential oils for autism aromatherapy.
  • For massaging essential oils, go for light oils to avoid irritating the child's nasal system with strong smelling oils.
  • Always follow the recommended dosage of using essential oils.
  • The use of inhalation for aromatherapy on autism is considered by experts as the best method that you can use. You can also opt for vaporiser alternatives such as diffuser or burners to inhale the aroma of the oil conveniently.


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  • Emilia Riera profile image

    Emilia Riera 3 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    I have used lavender for relaxation. I will need to try some of the others.

  • whimseyjenny32 profile image

    whimseyjenny32 5 years ago from Alabama

    Great piece! I'm going to try some of these with my son:-) Thanks!