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Back Massage Techniques

Updated on May 13, 2010

Soothe Your Way to a Healthier Relationship

Life can be stressful at times, due to the strenuous demand of work, study or even personal relationships. Tough times can result to uneasiness in your body including stiff neck, aching back and painful shoulders. If you want to bring back the vigor and vitality your body needs to accomplish its tasks and responsibilities daily, back massage is a relaxing way to alleviate your back aches since it can increase your blood circulation while it soothes your bones and muscles as well. Here are some back massage techniques you can employ to your loved one that can lead to a healthier relationship.

If you are a stay at home mom or dad, it is very important that you know how to do some massaging techniques to your partner’s back, especially if his or her working environment mandates one specific position like sitting in the office chair during working hours, resulting to the increasing number of people complaining about back related quandaries. Attending immediately to the small aches felt by your partner through back massaging can prevent future chronic complications.

Though, you can go with your spouse to a massage center, where he or she will be attended by a professional masseur, your bedroom can be a great place to provide your other half with the comforting rubdown that he or she truly needs. Demonstrate your back massage techniques by letting your partner lie down flat on his or her belly on a comfy surface such as a firm bed, floor mat or firm sofa. Keep in mind that the back massage should start at the spine, at the lower back region and should slowly move in the direction of your partner’s shoulders.

Back Massage is Bliss!
Back Massage is Bliss!

Massage Benefits

According to some experts, your massaging can provide optimum benefits to the back, when you utilize less oil or lotion, so there can be a greater pressure and friction against the back. The healthful benefits of back massaging are improved blood circulation, prompt recuperation of pulled and sore muscles and also aids in repose of the muscles, which consequently result to overall rejuvenation and relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Massage is advantageous for people who have insomnia and can relieve severe pain too.

When you properly execute back massage techniques, your partner or loved one will experience not just relaxation, but you will as well provide him or her enhanced lymphatic drainage for a toxin free body. For best massage experience, you must employ effleurage strokes throughout the massage session as a connective pat when transferring from one region to another area of the back.

Back Massaging Tips

To promote relaxation, you should provide a delicate stroke while incorporating massage oil. A complete stroke requires you to glide your palms down on both sides of the spine to the pelvis. After which, you should hollow out around the back and hips to the shoulders up. It is very significant that you sustain contact with your partner’s back. When dealing with the shoulders, you must work on the fleshy muscular regions at the top, the area of the mid-back and also the buttocks, so tight muscles and connective tissues will loose. Learn more massage therapy tips.

How to Give a Back Massage


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