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How to Balance Your pH and Regain Your Health

Updated on December 26, 2015

Balance Your pH

In today's world, what we eat is more important than ever. With fast food restaurants around every corner, it is far to easy to eat whatever we want, without really thinking of the effects it has on our bodies as a whole. Did you realize that a body that has too much acid is a body that is literally asking for infections and diseases? It is true. When you eat foods that are toxic, forms mucus, are high in fat, and forms acid, you are essentially inviting negatives into your body.

If you have rheumatic symptoms or arthritis, it is likely the result of the above foods. It is no secret that acid is contained in almost all foods that we eat, natural or not. However, when you eat processed and manufactured food you are getting ten times the acid you really need. In general, the average person should limit their meals to a healthy balance of alkalinity and acid. Alkalinity should be kept to 75% for every meal and acidity should be kept to 25%.

With healthy pH levels, your body is healthy and living well

Have you ever owned a swimming pool in which chemicals were required? If so, do you remember having to test the ph levels? You were likely told that the average ph levels were ideal and you were to keep the water at that level. Well, your body is the same way. Your body needs the right level in order to function appropriately and live healthily. At a perfect level the body's ph level is 6.4. If you are above that level, your body is considered alkaline, below that level and your body is consider acidic.

With healthy ph levels, your body is healthy and living well. Keeping a diet of natural foods that work to balance your body's levels is extremely important. The problem is that unlike many other areas, there is no one specific diet that works for everyone in keeping the body at healthy levels. Every person is different, they have different needs, different composition, and therefore; requires different diets.

The only real way to do this is to understand foods and how they work. To find the right balance for your body, which includes a healthy diet, positive thinking, and exercise. So, you need to understand just what you personally need. You also need to understand:

How to properly prepare foods

How to avoid overeating

How to go about choosing foods of the highest qualilty

How to avoid combinations of unnatural foods

Which foods are most nutritious

The right fatty acids

The dangerous chemicals used in some foods - chemicals such as food coloring, MSG, and aspartame

The Body Does Create Its Own Problems

Did you know that certain elements can actually induce the body to create acidic conditions? For example, if you are under a good deal of stress, this is a condition that is acid forming. If you do not exercise regularly, your body is creating acidic conditions, if you have poorly designed habits in your diet, your body is working against you.

Most anyone would suggest that keeping your ph levels just above normal, into an alkaline state is ideal. This is because it can be used as a reserve of a sort, in case, other conditions exist that are acid forming.

What Are Acidic Foods?

There are many foods that are a regular part of our diets that are acid forming. These foods include meats of all types, poultry, eggs, fish, almost all dairy, legumes, grains, refined sugar, chemicals, and drugs. You are probably thinking that we just named almost everything included in the food pyramid. We are not saying do not eat these things. Instead, we are saying be aware and take steps to reduce the acidic natures within your diet.

What Are Foods That Produce Alkaline?

Foods that balance alkalinity are natural foods, such as herbs, cereal grasses, sprouts, vegetables and fruits. Your mom always told you to make sure you eat your fruits and veggies, it is a good idea to listen to her.

You cannot eliminate acidic forming foods, simply because you need them to be healthy. What you really want is to find the appropriate balance of both acid and alkaline. You can take some easy steps to help in keeping the appropriate balance for your body.

For example, something as simple as soaking your legumes or grains prior to cooking can increase the alkalinity. When you eat complex carbs such as legumes, vegetables, and grains make sure you are thoroughly chewing your food. Saliva carries alkaline and can help in reducing acidic conditions.

Living a healthy lifestyle means making some adjustments in your unhealthy lifestyle. This means watching what you eat, finding the right balances of food, and of course, making sure that you implement regular exercise into your daily routine.

Just by making some changes, you can do your body a world of good. For instance, you will feel better, look better, breath better, and overall just have a healthier life. By exercising and dieting with the right balance, you are creating a barrier within your body against diseases and infections. At the same time, you are working to eliminate stresses, you will feel happier, and the distractions in life will be far less than ever before.


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