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Beauty Product for Eczema

Updated on June 2, 2022
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As a baby boomer, Denise and millions of others are becoming senior citizens. She explores what it means to be over 60 today.


Worse Than a 7-Year Itch

For the longest time (decades) I have suffered from a form of eczema on my legs. At times when it was hot and dry outside, eczema would itch and flake to the point of driving me crazy. This must be where they came up with the term "7-year itch" because it was an itch that would crack and bleed if I kept scratching, and it was relentless, itching even at night. I had tried everything I knew of to alleviate the dryness: lotions, hand creams, face creams, baby oil, and nothing seemed to make it better. I finally brought it to the attention of my doctor and was prescribed a greasy topical steroid that brought it somewhat under control but didn't cure it. The greasy tube cost me $35 each with 2 refills. I was to apply this mess with the consistency of Petroleum Jelly twice a day. Petroleum Jelly might have been a better product to try if I really wanted the sticky greasy feeling. I couldn't put on stockings or even knee socks as they would stick to the ointment and make my legs sweat. My pant legs would stick to the ointment and climb up on me. Can you say "Daily wardrobe malfunction"?

At the end of several months of this, I asked the doctor why it hadn't gone completely away and that's when I got the bad news. "Oh this kind never goes completely away," he said. "The best you can hope for is to keep it under control." Now that is annoying. On top of that, my skin began to turn funny colors. I began to get a pattern of freckles that weren't there before. The doctor had warned me that the steroid would "make my skin thinner" but I was desperate at the time and didn't care.

Yay, An Answer

The cost was only part of the reason that I began searching for an alternative. It was the messiness of the ointment that really made me rethink the prescription. And that was when I came across Avon Footworks.

Actually, I had been selling Avon products as an Independent Representative for some time, mostly because I like the products for myself and not because I'm much of a salesman, or rather a saleswoman. I had seen the Footworks products there in the brochure but never really needed them for myself. The one that stuck out was Cracked Heel Relief. I've had cracked heels before and you need some serious cream to make them soft again. I began using the Cracked Heel Relief on my eczema and saw improvement right away. The cream has the added benefit of absorbing right into my skin and not sitting on the surface like an oil slick. It doesn't stick to my clothes or discolor my fabrics.

Itchy and scaly.
Itchy and scaly. | Source
Still there but not red and itchy anymore.  Going away.
Still there but not red and itchy anymore. Going away. | Source


As the doctor said, it has never completely gone away, but as long as I apply for the Cracked Heel Relief each night, I don't have to worry about the flaking, cracking or itching. It is under control and for a fraction of the cost. Avon Footworks Cracked Heel Relief costs between $3 and $6 per tube depending on the sales for that campaign. Finally, no more oil slick and I am a happy camper again. I would highly recommend it for eczema and for cracked heels too.

Repeated applications each night make the spots fade and keep the itching away. I think that is the best part. It's the itch more than the red scaly patches that annoyed me most. Plus my husband says my legs feel soft as a baby's behind. It's true. The benefit is very soft legs. That's one side effect I can live with.

Do you have a cure/remedy for eczema? I'd love to hear about it.

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