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Go Away Belly Bloat!!

Updated on September 20, 2013

"I am exercising and eating right but what' sup with the bloating?" Sometimes the culprit is obvious - Aunt Flow, or maybe last night's dinner. Our eating habits might be the reason as for why the bloating continues.
Eating Habit No. 1
Too Much Fiber
Let's say, our bodies are accustomed to what we consume on a daily basis. If one day, you decided to go on a diet, and changes your eating habit dramatically, then you are definitely going to bloat. When we are used to eating lower fiber meals and suddenly started to incorporate lot of fruit, salads, and cereals, we are going to be significantly bloated.
Try This!
Start by adding five grams or fewer fruits and veggies every week until you have reached the recommended daily 25 to 35 grams.

Eating Habit No.2
Drinking Too Much Fluids Before Work Out
Yes, it's important to keep ourselves hydrated when exercising but downing too much fluids before working out will make our belly swell.
Try This!
Drink 16 to 24 ounces of water one to two hours before exercise. It will allowed plenty of time for your body to absorb the needed fluid.

Three Easy Ways to banish belly bloat

1. Eat a banana every day. Why? The potassium it contains prevents bloats. Other potassium rich foods include tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and salmon.

2. Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt. Check label that contains this big word bifidobacteria. These bacteria reduce bloating.

3. Contract your abs. A lot of people are not bloated at all. They've developed a very bad habit of relaxing their abdominal muscles and contracting their diaphragm, which make them feel bloated because their stomach are sticking out.


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