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Best Foot Massagers 2017/2018

Updated on January 9, 2018

Foot Massagers For Better Tension Relief

I have recently discovered that there is a diverse variety of gadgets called foot massaging machines.

I remember seeing water based massagers but it seems they are only one minor type of electric feet massagers.

I became interested in these gadgets and decided that I should learn more about them and try to find out which is the best foot massager of 2018.

Either you spend your days seated at your computer desk or you are on your feet all day long, you will benefit from a good foot relaxation.

Don't have a such device yet? Don't worry! You can use tennis balls or baseball balls for massage!

Keep reading to learn more!

Feet and Calf Massagers

Massagers that work on your feet, ankles and calves (some devices can massage even your knees!) is the more expensive sub-class of foot massaging devices.

There is a number of people that are claiming that these gadgets provide relaxation that is close to (or in some cases even superior to) a manual feet massage. Please leave a message below if you have an opinion on this!

Feet and calf massagers offer dual action impact. First, there are special pressure nodes located under the feet according to the reflex points. When you put your feet in the device they stimulate the reflex points on the soles of your feet.

Second action is kneading action by kneading discs built in the device. The kneading discs provide deep massage of ankles and calves.

Among others, one of the best options that can be taken into account within this product category is the OSIM uSqueez. One of the most significant benefits of using this lower leg and calf massager is that it is app-controlled. You simply have to download the app on your gadget and it will allow you to control the different functions of the product in a manner that is almost effortless on your part.

You might also want to consider the Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro. One of the best features of the best features of this product is the Human Touch Technology, which, as the name implies, compares this massager to human touch. This product is equipped with three automatic programs, allowing you to enjoy versatility in choosing what is best suited for your feet and calves.

Lastly, the Masse ME-A51 is also a common choice for many people. The massage that is delivered by this model simulates that which can be done by the human hands. It infiltrates deeply to provide a feeling of invigoration every time that it is used. It is also sleek and compact, which makes it efficient with regards to space consumption.

Feet Massagers

The cheaper type of massaging machines for feet does not offer calf relaxation. They are basically box-shape gadgets that either vibrate or knead.

Some of the cheaper devices use kneading discs or balls to work on your feet. The more expensive gadgets use vibration to restore the circulation in your feet and it may not be the best method to stimulate the reflex points on your feet.

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is commonly chosen by people who are battling with diabetes an neuropathy, basically because it is asserted to be good for the health. The motor that is used to provide powerful performance for this product is heavy duty, which makes it excellent in terms of durability. The motor deliver two variable speeds.

You might also want to include HoMedics FMS-200H in your list of possible choices. With this, you no longer need to bend in order to control its functionality, as it is equipped with toe-touch controls. Aside from the massage that is effectively performed by this product, it also produces a good amount of heat that will soothe your feet and will make you wish for the massage to not end at all.

Another good model is the Conair FM18 Deep Tissue Foot Massager. This deep tissue massage machine produces infrared heat that adds up to the soothing element of the lower leg massage that can be experienced. It also has the ability to fight molds and bacteria, among other external elements. With such, you can be assured that it is hygienic and will not cause any harm on your feet.

Massaging Feet Baths

Among the different kinds of feet relaxation devices that can be taken into consideration, the massaging feet baths are common basically because they provide your feet with an excellent massaging experience not only with pressure, but with heat and bubbles as well.

The water jets that are attached to the massaging feet bath make it possible for your feet to feel very relaxed as it is massaged with water. These baths for lower legs also have the ability to maintain the temperature of the water, making heat stay longer.

Another good feature of massaging feet baths is that they have toe-touch controls. Finally, you can free your hands while your feet are being worked on. You no longer have to bend over to press various buttons that can control the feet bath. Your toes can already do all the job.

When looking for a product that can provide hydrotherapy for the feet, one model that should not be missed is the Conair FB52. With dual bubble action and waterfall, the use of this equipment will make you feel like getting a professional massage at the comfort of your own home. The controls are easily accessible, making it a snap to change them when the need arises.

The HoMedics FB300 will also prove to be a choice that you will not regret. The water jets are placed strategically in the product in order to make sure that it can effectively target the areas that need to be massaged. It also comes with spinning pedicure attachment to make sure that the feet will not be only rejuvenated, but will also be thoroughly cleaned during the massage.

Hot Spa is also a popular brand in this product category. Like the other models, they offer the ability to provide a relaxing bubble massage for the lower extremities, which will be perfect after a tiring day. It has automatic water heating function. The infrared heat that s used makes it possible to turn cold water into hotter temperature, based on what is being desired for the feet.

Roller Massagers and Massage Balls

The Foot Roller TM by Body Back Company is one of the common choices in the market. For many, they are satisfied with this product because of its size, which makes it excellent in terms of portability. Even if you are on a holiday, you can easily bring the product with you and be assured that your feet will experience stimulation and pressure when needed.

When looking for a foot massage ball, the Select 20-537 should not be missed. With just the size of a baseball, making it easy to carry, it works in a simple manner while providing the assurance that it can relax and soothe the feet. Keep in mind that for the use of this product to be most effective, follow the techniques that are comprehensively detailed in the pamphlet that is included.

Lastly, you might also want to check the Body Back roller and porcupine massage, offering you two different products for relaxation. With these, the healing energy will be felt not in your lower extremities but also in your entire body, and it will provide you with more energy to confront the challenges of your daily life.

tennis ball for foot massage
tennis ball for foot massage

Cheapest Massaging Device For Feet Is Tennis Ball

Sometimes you need to quickly relax your feet but you do not have any of these devices at hand. Maybe you are somewhere on the run, or you have not yet bought the gadget.

There is a quick method how you can help yourself.

Use a tennis ball to massage your feet! How? Check out videos below!

How To Massage Your Feet Using A Tennis Ball

How Are You Massaging Your Feet?

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