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Best Personal Care Products for Arthritis Sufferers (like me)

Updated on February 25, 2013

Top Personal Care Aids and Best Assist Devices for People With Arthritis

Here's a great selection of inexpensive Personal Care Aids, Assistive Kitchen Devices and more for Arthritis Sufferers at Low online prices. I live with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)--every day--for the past 30 years to be exact-- so, I feel confident I can recommend the best devices, handy gadgets and personal care aids on the market for senior citizens and arthritis sufferers of any age.

There are a plethora of articles on he web extolling the perks of their latest arthritis living aid, or personal care aids Chances are they don''t suffer with arthritis. So how do they know? I doubt many can have to cope with daily living with one of the many forms of arthritis.

If you or a loved one suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis (the most common forms of arthritis ), chances are you want to live as independently as possible and aids for independent daily living are very much going to keep you more able to help yourself.

We arthritis sufferers need to help each other maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I want to share the best independent living aids such as: personal care gadgets, eating utensils for our arthritic hands, mobility assistive devices, and other assistive living devices with you.

Keep on keepin' on!

Scroll down to find and review what best fits your needs and what's available as the top rated devices!

Image credit: (assistive personal care device for arthritis sufferers shown is available below)

Personal Care Aids

for Independent Living

Dressing Aid Stick 27"

I have several of these lightweight dressing sticks in different areas of the house. I use one in the kitchen to turn the faucet on and off adn reach things that have loops like grocery bags. Great handy gadgets at a cheap price!.

Braun D4010 Advance Power Battery Toothbrush - "I Have One of These!"

#1 toothbrush for arthritis sufferers! This Braun Advance Power Battery toothbrush has a small rotating head. When my arthritis pain hits really fitfully, sometimes jaw pain results and the LAST thing I want to do is brush my teeth. But, this Braun Toothbrush does help things, as the smaller head helps reach those hard to access back teeth. The larger handle makes for easy griping. A Win-Win!

Lu La Bath Brush W/ Articulating Handle

This Lu La Bath brush bends at three different angles to reach problem spots. I highly recommend this can't-go-wrong bath brush for anyone suffering from arthritis and wishing to maintain their independence!

Best Personal Care Products: Etac Beauty Hair Brush with Long Handle

Best Personal Care Products: Etac Beauty Hair Comb with Long Handle

Best Personal Care Products: Etac Bath Wash/Brush with Long Handle

Best Personal Care Products: Bottom Buddy Toilet Paper Reacher

Best Personal Care Products: Touch Free Bidet w/ Adj. Temprature

Hands Free Adjustable Hair Dryer Stand - & a Few Other Portable Models

I've had this very hair dryer stand for years. My Mother-in-law bought it for me as a Christmas gift. She was famous for buying those "As seen on TV" gadgets, but I have to give two (bent) thumbs up on this one! Its telescopic handle adjusts to the perfect height; no more fumbling with bulky, hot hairdryers. I love it!

Hair Dryer Styling Stand Holder
Hair Dryer Styling Stand Holder
Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Blo and Go~Laurie Coleman Portable Hair Dryer HolderAmazonBest Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Hair Dryer Stand Portable Flexable Hair StandAmazon

Best Personal Care Products for Arthritis Suffers: - Touchless Automatic Water Faucet & Soap Dispenser

These automatic faucets are great. Just one lever on the side set on warm and the rest is easy~peasy. You won''t have to turn knobs as the sensor knows when you're under the faucet. The automatic soap dispenser is very similar in operation.

Long Handle Makeup Brushes

for Arthritis Sufferers

By now you're doing a double take: yes, I said makeup brushes but I've featured mostly paint brushes. Indeed! Paint brushes are ideal for applying makeup. Quality paint brushes~not the cheap craft brushes~ have long handles and fine hair bristles that don't shed. The stiffer short bristle brushes are best for eye shadow, while the soft long bristles apply bronzer and blush quite nicely. I swear by any of these makeup brush options!

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: E.l.f. Cosmetics 12 Piece Brush SetAmazon

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Long Handle Paint Brushes for MakeupAmazon

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Long Handle Paint Brushes for MakeupAmazon

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Long Handle Paint Brushes for MakeupAmazon

Duro-Med Deluxe Plastic 5 Toilet Seat Riser

I highly recommend this Duro Med Deluxe Toilet Seat! It's light weight and takes the pain off your knees and hips when using the toilet. This toilet seat was dubbed the "cat's meow" by a friend I recommended it to.

Best Personal Toilet Tissue Wipe Aids

Great for Arthritis Sufferers and Surgery Recovery

Arthritis or not, we all have an instance in life where we'll need a little help with the bum, and that ever elusive bit of toilet tissue that doesn't seen to hit the spot. These toilet tissue reachers are ideal when your range of motion is just out of range~especially after surgery; it's just a good idea to have one of these within your reach when the time calls!

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Self Wipe Long Range ComfortAmazon

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Self-Wipe Bathroom Toilet AidAmazon

Best Personal Care Hair Tools for Arthritis Sufferers: Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue AidAmazon

Duro-Med Reach Extender for Dressing Kit

Here's another fave of mine. Dressing yourself can be a BIG challenge, especially after surgery. This kit would have been a real boon when I had my hips replaced~trust me, it's gonna be awhile until you're allowed/able to bend fully forward. Take it easy on that hip! Helpful hint: Buy these gadgets BEFORE your surgery. Actually buy two reachers. One for everyday use and one to reach the reacher you dropped on the floor! Oh, one more thing: see the stick with the bent-wire white tip? It's amazing! I have one for faucets and cords that fall to the floor~SOO handy!

Bath Reacher Handles

There's no painful bending over with this bath brush set which includes a soap holder and a variety of brushes for back, body and feet. These are great it your hand can open fully enough for the metal grabber, even so, the other bath tools are invaluable!

Handy Reacher Gadgets

as Recommended by Me:

an Arthritis Sufferer

#1 Pick-up & Reach Tool with Rotating Jaw - Top Reacher Assistive Device for Arthritic Hands

This pick-up reacher assisstive device is #1 for its small fingertip reaching requirement PLUS a rotating tip to grad and maneuver out-of-reach items. Buy several to keep in different rooms in your home--no more chasing down reachers!

Unger 92134 36 Reacher / Grabber - Best Grabber / Reacher for Arthritis Sufferers

I recommend this grabber for this one big reason: the trigger mechanism is best suited for most levels of grip range. Most grabbers/reachers have a trigger that requires a large extension of the user's fingers. Crooked fingers on many people with advanced arthritis can''t reach that far, doing so would be painful if not impossible. The Unger reacher shown here has the least required finger tip range. Much more comfortable to use!

In the Kitchen:

Best Utensils for Arthritic Hands

Cooking Utensil Set - Top Kitchen Tools for Arthritis Sufferers

These handy cooking utensils are specifically designed to spare painful wrist and elbow joints from having to "flip over" hot food. These are ideal in preventing burns, too. Who needs more pain? These are well designed and I highly recommend them. Your joints will thank you!

Jar Openers for Arthritic Hands


If your hands hurt~at all~these handy-dandy jar openers are a must~have. I had the under counter jar opener and absolutely LOVED it! You must be able to pick up the jars and twist them, though. If you're not able to do that anymore (like me) you will benefit from the hand held models. I have the Hamilton Beach opener an it works well. I only chose the top~rated jar openers and I recommend the OXO Good Grips just behind the under counter and Hamilton Beach Jar Opener model.

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Sufferers:Open It! Helps Open Bottles Seals WrapsAmazon

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Sufferers:Kuhn Rikon The Gripper Jar Opener WhiteAmazon

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Sufferers:OXO Good Grips Jar Opener for Arthritis SufferersAmazon

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Sufferers:Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar OpenerAmazon

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Sufferers: EZ Off Under Counter Jar OpenerAmazon

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Sufferers: Brix Jar Key-Multicolor Breaks Jar SealAmazon

Prep Knife Set for Arthritic Hands - Best Kitchen Knives for Arthritis Sufferers

Like the kitchen utensils, these prep knives are amazing. Their handles are designed to keep elbow and wrist pain at bay while preparing food. With limited range of motion cutting food can be tricky and lead to frustration--let alone dangerous. Keep your fingers safe and enjoy cooking again!

Everyday Essentials Complete Bendable Utensil Set - Best Utensil--fork and spoon--for Arthritis Sufferers

This utensil set is great for us arthritis sufferers as the fork and spoon are bendable--reducing the amount of wrist motion needed. Bend the utensil to your desired angle and eat with less pain and mess! Order two sets and keep one in your bag for dining out; you'll be glad you did as you'll end up with far less food in your lap and more in your mouth!

Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener - Best Jar Opener for Arthritis Sufferers

I recommend this Black & Decker Lids Off jar opener because there is no wrist action involved. Under the cabinet models require lifting, pressing and twisting, not to mention balancing a newly opened jar that's full. OUCH!

Arthritis Helpful Tip #1

"I'm not a fan of special drinking devices, cups etc. An ordinary straw is the best gadget for eliminating the need to twist one's wrist to take a sip."

Independent Aids for Daily Living

Ablewar Key Turner - Most Recommended for Arthritis Sufferers

I'm recommended this key turner as most other models requires the user to pinch the key and turn. This can be nearly impossible for people with arthritis that has badly affected their thumbs. The two-finger clutch distributes the work more evenly among the hand.

Helpful Tip #2

Make your own gadget to button pants, jeans, shirts and zippers:

Take a paperclip & open to an "S" shape.

Slightly pull out larger side to grasp easier.

Use the smaller side to feed through the button hole.

Grab the button & pull. Rotate to close. Success!

The Search is On for the Perfect Dressing Aid!

Putting on clothes presents its own set of unique challenges depending on your range of motion and the severity of your arthritis symptoms. There's so many sock, shoe and dressing aids available, you may want to find the ideal one for your needs. Amazon has something for everyone!



Arthritis Pain Relief

Square Cervical Pillow

We spend an awful lot of time resting when arthritis pain flares up and these pillows are ideal for easing painful cervical and lumbar areas. I like the cervical pillow for neck tension.

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support

Use this Fellowes cushion/pillow for lumbar support. Great for easing back pressure and strain during long work hours at the computer.

Lumbar Cushion

This lumbar cushion is ideal for trips as its portable and lightweight. Perfect to take while dining out in a hard booth. You can also sit on it, too!

I hope I've made it easier to find the right gadgets for all friends who suffer from arthritis. If your have any suggestions, please do tell me. Thanks!


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