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Finding Portable Driving Hand Controls for Handicap Drivers - Disabled Kit Info

Updated on April 26, 2012

Portable Hand Controls for Handicapped Drivers

Portable Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers
Portable Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

The Portability Aspect of Driving Hand Controls

When all is said and done there are just three types of installation regarding hand controls for driving.

  1. There are permanent, fixed designs such as by Menox or Veigel. These require a mechanic to install and require modifications to your car. These modifications can be particularly extensive, but seeing as secondary functions such as turn signalling are connected there are definite advantages on offer. These cannot be removed unless you're both trained and legally qualified and are generally considered 'for life' due to the high quality of the design and its rugged durability.
  2. There are semi-permanent models which require a mechanic to install just like above, but with one key difference. Whereas the above 'permanent' fittings on the vehicle can only by driven by someone using the hand controls whether disabled or not. These have detachable 'action points', such as a GuidoSimplex acceleration wheel, which can be removed quickly allowing for the vehicle to be driven without their use (suitable for able bodied driving). Remember that this leaves in place the core structural changes.
  3. Finally there are portable (or mobile) hand controls, which are completely removable. They don't take a mechanic to install and no changes are made to your vehicle. You don't need any further car knowledge than knowing which pedal is to accelerate and which is to brake. You only need to be able to follow simple instructions.
  4. Portable devices are easy to install (generally they take just a few minutes) as well as remove, can be purchased online (allowing easy price comparison and delivery) which makes it useful for people without disabled car dealerships close to them.

Two of the Most Important Websites for Portable Driving Controls

Firstly it's worth checking out the cheapest and most popular set of portable driving controls here, you can read other people's reviews before making an informed decision.

Or you can check out my own website on Portable Hand Controls if you want to find out a little bit more and see if portable or permanent are right for you.

Portable Driving Controls - Disabled Driver's Aid

Full Mobile Driving Controls Kit - Portable Driving Controls
Full Mobile Driving Controls Kit - Portable Driving Controls

Budget Portable Handicap Hand Controls

Cheap Portable Handicap Hand Controls
Cheap Portable Handicap Hand Controls

Why Many Prefer Portable Driving Controls

There are three things which make these a good purchase for the right person. Notice that's underlined because as with all disability equipment which is designed to aid mobility, you'll find that what works for you and your condition won't necessarily apply to others. Finding out what works for you is key.

Reduced Cost

  • To put it simply they're just a heck of a lot cheaper than their rivals. A set of fixed Menox/Veigel Hand Controls is going to set you back around 2,000 dollars for the model and then a good few hundred more for the installation. On the other hand you can get portable versions for just 250 dollars - and even less if you're will to go buy them second hand.
  • Peripheral costs. Costs such as purchasing the new vehicle, car tax and disabled driving insurance can all be avoided or brought down by sharing one vehicle with someone else. This person could be disabled but in most cases you'll find that people tend to have a car for non-disabled use most of the time. Then when the handicapped person wants to drive they just have to ask for the controls to be quickly installed and there you go.

Ease of Use

  • They're very easy to use, easy to install and easy to get going. They're just easier than everything else and for some a great place to get started. You just need to be able to buy some of the internet on websites like Amazon or Ebay, read the installation manual, put them in and get going. When you go through a dealership you'll find it can be a lot of hassle, paper work and so on. This is just easy.

Mobile Hand Controls for Disabled Driving

Mobile Hand Controls for Disabled Driving
Mobile Hand Controls for Disabled Driving


I think that overall you're looking at a pretty good starting point - but I don't think they're a long term solution - especially because for most people it will be a long term problem. I personally see portable hand controls being used by two types of people. There are those on a strict budget who simply cannot afford better, and those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of disabled driving aids.

  • I really do hope you're the second person, because although I wouldn't necessarily recommend going out and splashing out on the most expensive manufacturers, I would suggest looking at the big picture.
  • If you're going to be disabled for life then you need to look at long term alternatives which are more comfortable, safer and create a pleasurable driving experience. I would say a good place to start would be buying MPS or MPS driving controls - but ultimately at some point it would be well worth taking the plunge and getting a set of Menox hand controls which will last you decades.

Just food for thought!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this has been informative for you - and if you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask them below.

Hand Controls Survery

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    • profile image

      Andre 4 years ago

      I had the hand control that's at the top of this picture for 5 yrs and my car was stolen today. How much is the price of the hand control at the top please

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      blaise 5 years ago

      I want to pay a portable hand control,need information about prices. my, tel;00353877706431

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      Barry 5 years ago

      I do not have a lot of money. Can you help me?