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Best Prices on Heat Wraps (Thermacare and Others)

Updated on August 4, 2017

I unfortunately, have chronic pain. But I have found a non-drug solution, heat wraps, especially Therma cares. There are several different shapes, for the neck, knee, etc. Now, Thermacares are the best ones, but they are not cheap. So I have often bought alternatives.

I'm not sure how Heat wraps work, either the heat soothes away the pain or it distracts you from the pain, either way the pain goes away. For me, the pain goes away after the wrap heats up and then stays away for several hours after I take the heat wrap off. I must tell you, though, that I have burned myself on the heat wraps several times. They were minor burns and didn't really hurt, but just so you know, you can get burned after several hours. You can help prevent by adjusting the location a little bit every few hours, or pull it away from you skin for a minute or two. It might not be a good idea to use these products if you have poor circulation,if you have a problem like that, you might want to ask your doctor.

An advantage to Thermacare is that they can be attached directly to the body. I prefer these kind because when I a moving around a lot, if they are attached to the clothing, they can move away from where I need them to be. But this is a personal preference, you might prefer the ones you attach to clothing. That is the main difference between brands, where it attaches. Thermacare brand heat wraps are the only ones that come in lots of different shapes. You can get back ones, in different sizes, wrist, knee and other shapes. Most of the generics only come in one or two shapes. This isn't a problem for me, my pain is localized to a small area, so I often buy the generics.

I used to go to Walgreens and buy boxes of Thermacare. They come in boxes of 3 (2 if you get the back ones) . The cost was usually around 8 dollars for 3. Now that is not unreasonable, I would only use them when I was working and when my pain got too bad. So I was going through about 12 a month. That's 32 dollars a month and without them I would have found it almost impossible to work. But sometime my pain would increase and I would have to use them constantly, that works out to over 60 dollars a month. So I needed a cheaper alternative.

I found what I needed at Amazon. 40 heat wraps for 32.20. This is a much better deal. There are also more and more cheaper alternatives to Thermacare. If your pain is in you knee,elbow, back or wrist, you really need to stick with the brand name. But otherwise I have some cheaper suggestions.

But first, go to the Thermacare website and sign up, so you can get coupons.

Again, Thermacare is my favorite,first because you can attach it to you skin, second because it has a very good adhesive so you can reposition the wrap if you need to . But as far as heating up, the generics do equally well. So it is just a matter of preference if you go with Thermacare or brands. Walgreens has recently gotten their own store brand and it is a little better deal. Sometimes Walmart has a cheaper brand and Walgreens often has their brand and Thermacare on sale, just watch for their circulars.

price comparison

walgreens therma care
3 for 2.67 each
walgreens store brand
3 for 2.33 each
walgreens bonus store brand
4 for for 1.75 each
amazon grabbers
40 for .81 each
amazon thermacare
9 for 1.80 each

Personally, I buy the Grabbers because they are so cheap, even though they have to go on clothing, not on skin. But I sometimes buy some Thermacares also, They come in lot of different shapes and attach directly to the skin. I would suggest, if you have chronic pain, you try heat wraps. But just a caution, you can burn yourself. And do not open the package until you are ready to use it, as soon as it hits the air the heat starts and you cannot stop it. These are also single use, do not try and heat up again.


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