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How To Lose Weight Without Dieting:5 Proven Easy Steps.

Updated on March 22, 2015

How to lose weight naturally without dieting

Natural ways to lose weight without dieting
Natural ways to lose weight without dieting | Source

Proven ways to lose weight naturally and without dieting

If you are craving to know how to lose weight without dieting, then you have probably hit upon the right article. Here in this post I have described 5 easy steps on how to lose weight at home naturally which does not require to follow any major restrictive diet plan.

It has been found that at any given time, 53% of Americans are trying to lose weight and most of them through dieting. Nevertheless, why so many women are found to be overweight? It's because, many experts believe that diets simply don't work for keeping weight off on a long term basis. Studies show that up to two-thirds of people who lose weight by following restrictive dieting plan, regain it within 1 year, and nearly all the rest regain it within 5 years.

Looking at your Body Mass Index or your doctor’s advice you realize that you are overweight and you want to do something about it for your health’s sake. But pay close attention to the methods you are going to apply to reduce your weight, because many people go about losing weight the wrong way by eating extreme diet, some even risking their health more than if they had kept the extra pounds. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to follow some guidelines that suggest natural ways to lose weight without resorting to stringent dieting.

Forget about all those impossible-to-be-true diets advice like- ‘what to eat to help lose weight?’ Don’t even experiment with an unbalanced diet that leaves out one or more of the basic food groups (protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains) as there are other safe and natural ways to lose weight without dieting. Surely, not eating to lose weight or eating an extreme diet centered only on one kind of food may be an easy method but that can not be a prudent way to lose weight as by that you could also lose your health. There are reports that many have fallen sick or few have even faced dying conditions by forsaking dietary balance. But then how can you lose weight at home naturally without following any stringent dieting plan?

How to lose weight without dieting
How to lose weight without dieting | Source

Natural ways to lose weight without dieting

The guidelines given here on how to lose weight without dieting and in a natural way require you only to follow few simple steps and a daily dietary habit. Think of this not as a ‘diet’ but rather as a ‘new eating plan’. You really can eat anything you like and want, but you do need to avoid excess intake. Before eating delicacies and junk foods, therefore, ensure that a healthy portion is made up of balanced nutritional foods. I have followed many experts' recommendations on ways to lose weight naturally and without dieting and found the following 5 easy proven steps along with suggestion of a daily eating plan to get rid of extra weight on long term basis.

Natural ways to lose weight- exercise regularly
Natural ways to lose weight- exercise regularly | Source

Here are 5 simple and proven steps on how to lose weight without dieting

  • Check for excess weight: See your doctor if you have any doubt about whether you could stand to lose some weight. Medical professionals are best placed to take precise measurements with instruments or calculate your body mass index (BMI) or even do other tests to differentiate if those pounds on your bathroom scale are bone and muscle or actually excess fat;
  • Lose weight gradually: Always aim for natural ways to lose weight safely and not to try it in a hurry. If you try to lose too much, too fast, it only means that you are depriving yourself. You will probably feel bad, quit soon, regain all the lost weight, and usually add another pound or two when the diet ends. Additionally rapid weight loss usually means that muscle and body water have dropped off rather than fat;
  • Change your calorie intake-output balance slowly: Just restricting your caloric intake is like driving car with one hand tied behind your back, which is downright risky. But if you reduce your calorie intake only little while also increasing output through weight loss exercises, you’ll be more likely to consume enough nutrients for health and vigor while protecting your muscle mass, reshaping your body and ensuring fat loss;
  • Make changes you can live with: Forget about the wrong notion that losing weight without dieting is not possible. Most people planning for eating healthy decide to give up all their desserts, snacks and favorite foods. After few days, they feel so deprived that they give up their diet schedule and start overeating on treats and feel guilty and resolve to quit better next time and so on in a constant cycle. Avoid such wavering lifestyle and follow the natural ways to lose weight safely. Make dietary and exercise changes that you can live with permanently and you can lose weight safely and naturally. Better to make a small lasting change than a large one that you quickly give up;
  • Mild increase in exercise: Research has proven time and again that even a little exercise on a regular basis, apart from boosting calorie output which helps to lose weight safely, can add years to your life. Even people in their sixties and seventies who have been out of shape for decades can improve their health, strength, vigor and mental sharpness with moderate weight loss exercises. Check with your physician before starting any exercise plan if you have been out of shape and have not exercised for several months or years. Then start at a very mild level and work your way up very gradually. Every time you work out the muscles, you are burning calories.

Daily eating plan to lose weight in natural ways without dieting
Daily eating plan to lose weight in natural ways without dieting | Source

Daily Eating Plan to follow

  • Two to four servings of fruit (one serving equals one whole apple, banana, a cup of mixed fruit pieces or three-quarters of a cup of juice);
  • Three to five servings of vegetables (each half a cup if cooked or chopped, but one cup for leafy raw vegetables like lettuce). Make sure that at least one of these servings is of high protein vegetables such as beans or peas;
  • Six to ten servings of grain(one serving is one slice of bread, one roll, one ounce of dry cereal, or half a cup of cooked cereal, pasta, or rice);
  • Two to three servings of dairy products such as milk(one cup each), cheese(two ounces each), or yogurt;
  • One to two servings of protein foods such as meat, poultry, or fish (where one portion is just three or four ounces);
  • If you are still hungry after all that, have a snack or two. But keep them small, and be sure to fill up with lots of water.


Knowing about how to go for healthy, safe and natural ways to lose weight is not something that you can just do for one time and then forget. It is something you need to practice everyday. I am sure, if followed in the right manner, the easy and proven steps described in this post would give you amazing results in a short time. The healthy ways to lose weight without dieting is as simple as eating fewer calories and burning more of them. Nevertheless, the purpose of this article is merely to offer a simple guide on how to lose weight without dieting and in natural way as recommended by the experts, so as to stop people going for losing weight the wrong and unsafe way.


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    • radharenu profile image

      radharenu 6 years ago from India

      Hi, SealBeach

      Thanks for your great suggestion regarding weight loss diet program!

    • SealBeach profile image

      SealBeach 6 years ago

      "Weight loss really is simple." I start my day off with a good hydration of water; in fact--as much as I can consume--then coffee, instant oatmeal with prepared hot green (decaf) tea (instead of boiled water) and blueberries.

      Lunch is usually fiber loaded crackers with peanut butter; assorted fruits, nuts and yogurt.

      Dinner before 6pm is usually chicken, salmon, and fresh-cut broccoli.

      My night cap before 9pm is usually fiber loaded cereal with a banana.

      My best advice is to avoid fast foods at all cost including carbonated beverages!

    • radharenu profile image

      radharenu 6 years ago from India


      Thanks for your suggestion which is well taken.

    • amalee profile image

      amalee 6 years ago from Birmingham, AL

      I think you should mention beans and nuts as a protein food.