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Diet With the Bible 2:6 - Find Unexpected Opportunities

Updated on August 28, 2015
There is Light for those who want to be healthy.
There is Light for those who want to be healthy. | Source

The Last Strategy in Stage 2 of our SparkDiet

It's time to remember that this journey we are taking is really about changing our lifestyle. Our real goal is to find strategies that we can live with and incorporate them into the fabric of our everyday life. During these next two weeks, we'll set some goals that will help us in our endeavor.Hopefully in the past ten weeks you've begun to develop new attitudes toward eating, exercise and even your own self-worth. Your attitude might be the most important change you've made in these weeks. Your Spark goal for these two studies will be to look at every moment as an unexpected opportunity rather than a problem keeping you from living healthy. Your spiritual goal could be to look at every moment as an unexpected opportunity to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

Attitude is everything
Attitude is everything | Source

A New Attitude

Stage 2 Step 6 - The First Week

Read Philippians 4:4-13

  1. How different would your day be if your "rejoiced in the Lord always"?
  2. What kinds of things are you anxious about? How does "rejoice in the Lord" fit with "don't be anxious"?
  3. How might your day be effected if you concentrated on the lovely, pure, true, right, noble . . . Instead of the negative? In eating . . . Losing weight . . . Your job . . . The things you are anxious about?
  4. Do you feel like the "peace of God" is with you and guarding your heart? If yes, share with the group how you've changed your attitude to enjoy the peace of God. If no, what one thing can you begin to change this week to help you begin to find the good, right, pure . . .?
  5. In vs. 11-12 Paul tells the Philippians that he has learned to be content in all circumstances. How can a change in attitude help you learn Paul's valuable lesson?
  6. How might learning to be content in all circumstances help you reach eating and exercise goals?
  7. Do your best to repeat to yourself vs. 13 many times this week. Let's see if repeating this helps you as you continue to develop a new attitude in your new lifestyle.


Be Prepared ~ Bible Study

Stage Two Step Six Week 2

This week you'll continue to develop the healthy habit you began last week. The habit of being prepared in every situation: being prepared to have something healthy to eat even when it's busy, being prepared to exercise even when there's just no time and you can't get to the place you normally exercise. In reality, being prepared is a very Biblical concept, so as you work on being prepared in your healthy lifestyle, let's work on being prepared to be the people God needs us to be.

OPEN: SparkPeople gave us some goals to help us learn to be prepared in our eating and exercise. How have you accomplished that this past week?

Read 2 Timothy 4:2 & 1 Peter 3:15

  1. What kind of things can we do to help us be prepared "in season and out of season" to "give an answer" and "Preach the Word."?
  2. What's the most difficult thing about always being prepared to eat right and exercise regularly?
  3. What's the most difficult thing about "giving an answer for the reason you have hope"?
  4. To help prepare you to give an answer, share with the group the hope you have in Jesus Christ.
  5. How can Peter's admonition in the beginning of vs. 15 to "set apart Christ as Lord in your heart" help you be prepared in your eating, exercise and sharing your faith?
  6. This week will be the last one that you count your calories. In what ways are you prepared to continue your healthy eating habit without that piece of accountability?
  7. As we enter week 12 of practicing our new healthy lifestyle, in what areas do you feel least prepared to move into Stage 3 next week?
  8. What can other members of this group do to help you feel more prepared?

SparkPeople - The Inspiration for this Study

SparkPeople helped me in such a great way and inspired me to write these studies. I encourage you to check out the Spark links below to get all the details

How have you changed your lifestyle?

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