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Blast Bugs Away With Essential Oils

Updated on October 4, 2014

Blast Bugs Away With Essential Oils

Most people find bugs and insects to be really annoying – well, except for those bug and insect enthusiasts. Anyway, we can’t deny the fact that whether we are camping in the woods, staying at home or having a picnic near a lake, there will always be bugs that will invade and try to ruin the party. Do you suffer from bug problem? Eliminate bugs with essential oils! You will be amazed with how many essential oils can fight and prevent bugs and insects from ruining your day.

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Annoying Ants

Ants are really very annoying, especially when they creep into your food or inside your clothes. Ant bites are really painful and when the bite becomes infected, it can become swollen or filled with pus. To get rid of ants, you can try to sprinkle dried peppermint, Borax, peppermint essential oil or red chilli powder on them. Bug busters discourage the use of Borax because it is said to have ingredients that can be harmful to humans, especially to kids and babies. You might also want to try sprinkling cinnamon on your doorstep because cinnamon has an ingredient that makes the ants repel.

Ants are also known for their “never say die” characteristics; meaning, even when they are already driven away from a certain area of the house, there are great chances that they will return to that same area a few hours or days after. If there are anthills around your house, you can pour boiling water on the anthill. Although this solution might be a bit cruel, it will surely rid your house of annoying ants.

General Mixture to Get Rid of Bugs
For flies, mice, fleas, and ants, you can mix a gallon of water and 2 tablespoons of liquid peppermint castile soap. Transfer the mixture in a sprayer and spray it on infested areas in your garden or house. Bugs and other pests are repelled by this mixture because of its “spicy” effect.

Goodbye Aphids

If your house or garden is infested with aphids, you can easily get rid of them by buying a package of ladybugs from your local garden store.  Ladybugs are known to feast on aphids so putting them in your garden will surely make the aphids disappear in no time.

Gross Cockroaches
If your house is infested with cockroaches, you can use powders, sprays or chalks that are composed of essential oils and herbal essences.  Try to avoid using sprays that contains chemical because not only are they irritating to the nose, they can also bring harmful side effects in the long run.

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Repelling Insects

Going boating, camping or hiking will make you exposed to the outdoors more often that usual. That would mean that you will be more exposed to insects and bugs. To prevent yourself from becoming a fest for the bugs and mosquitoes, try using lemon-scented essential oils. You could also use Eucalyptus citriodora or Litsea cubeba if you want something less lemon-scented.

One important thing to remember when using essential oils is to always dilute them first. Never use neat essential oil on your skin. You might also want to try dropping the essential oil on cotton balls so you can simply carry them in your pocket.

If you’re going on a picnic and do not want unwanted “guests” to arrive, simply trace essential oil on the edge of your picnic table or mat. This will repel ants, bugs and other insects from getting near your table. You can also put a small amount of essential oil on your hiking boots, shoes, shirt, or hat so you will be protected from bugs and other annoying insects.

Important Tips to Remember
Do not forget that citrus oils and sunlight do not have a good chemistry with each other. Citrus-oils can give photo-sensitive reactions on your skin or clothes. If you chose citrus scented oils as your organic repellent, you will need to stay out of the sun for a few hours so that your skin or clothes will not experience any discoloration caused by photosensitivity.

Fun in the Sun
If you are hiking or camping on a hot day, you can stay cool by bringing with you a facial or body spritzer. The mixture can be simply peppermint and water. You can prepare this mixture by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil in a spritz bottle or atomizer. Just remember never to spray near the eyes, or if you are going to spray it on your face, just close your eyes because peppermint oil may irritate your eyes.

You can also spray some of the mixture inside your knees and elbows, and on the back of your neck for instant heat relief.

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How to Make Your Own Repellant or Bug Spray

The first thing that you should do before making your own bug repellent spray or lotion is to make sure that you are not allergic to any essential oil.  Some herbal essences and essential oils that can be mixed for effective bug repellent lotion are: citronella, catnip, mint, clove oils and pennyroyal.

Skin experts say that citronella and clove oils are the most effective bug repellent among others.  A good thing in using essential oils to repel insects and bugs is that you do not have to submit yourself to the risk of being allergic to the harmful chemicals in artificial repellents.  Below are “recipes” for effective bug repellents:

Mint and Jojoba Spray
Mix a cup of jojoba oil with a cup of water.  Add ¼ or ½ teaspoon of mint oil and then transfer the mixture into a spray bottle.  Simple enough?  Here’s another mixture:

Citronella and Witch Hazel Repellent
Mix 4 tablespoons and ¼ cup of witch hazel in ¼ cup of water.  Sprinkle the witch hazel slowly into a bowl of water and blend the ingredients together.  Mix in the citronella essential oil and then transfer the mixture in a spray bottle or atomizer.

Now that you already know the basic stuffs about how to solve bug and insect problems with essential oils, you can now confidently tell your friends who are being tormented by bugs and insect in their home by saying - “Bug problem? Eliminate bugs with essential oils!”.

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