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Updated on April 6, 2013

The Benefits of Bodybuilding

When it comes to weight loss, health and the quality of life Bodybuilding takes you a long way.

Bodybuilding works your heart and lungs, improving your over all health. You will be building muscle mass and research has shown that with regular resistance training you increase the metabolic rate as much as 15%. If you burn 2000 calories per day, you could burn an additional 300 calories every single day.

There are many women that believe the increase of muscle means increased masculinity, this fear is needless. Bodybuilding will enhance a womans body without causing it to become bulky.

Is Bodybuilding Safe? Bodybuilding and weight training is just as safe and affective for women as it is for men.

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How do I start Bodybuilding? The answer to this question is with nutrition. There is no amount of physical exercise or diet pills that will give you the body you desire without proper nutrition. Exercise is a supplement for nutrition when bodybuilding.

Proper bodybuilding nutrition is about eating smaller more frequent meals instead of two or three large meals. This keeps the metabolism burning on high and helps you lose the fat.


I want you to understand how simple weight training is, so I have included these six elements that make a successful workout.

Not earth shattering, in fact you will find them in almost any motivational book ever printed.

As simplistic as they are and as often they have been said, these six things will get you started and keep you motivated along the way.

  1. Set a realistic goal - short and long term.
  2. Plan an orderly and thorough routine to train the entire body.
  3. Make a commitment to stick to your routine for 4-5 weeks - - to begin to see changes and benefits, develop perseverance and create a habit.
  4. Enthusiasm for training must be recognized as the main and driving force to perform successfully.
  5. Ease into a training program with a wholesome, thoughtful nutritional plan - proper food, order and amount of consumption.
  6. Be confident from the beginning that the application of these sound principles will produce the desired results.


A well balanced bodybuilding nutrition program will have meals that include carbohydrates, protein, and fat in the right amounts.

You do not need to count every calorie, there is a simple answer when preparing each meal.

The correct balance of carbohydrates will be the size of your fist and the correct amount of protein will be the size of the palm of your hand.


Mention bodybuilding and the question usually follows: What supplements should I take.

supplements can include vitamins to fish oils. Vitamins are the number one supplement needed by anyone, bodybuilding or not. I do not care how well you plan you food intake, you will always be lacking some vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


Do not get caught up in the supplement craze. There are hundreds of supplements that might help you with your goals. There are far more supplements that will only help reduce the weight of your bank account.

As stated you need really good high potency vitamins, you may also want a good protein mix. A good protein mix will help feed the new muscle you are building and it will replace a meal on your workout days.


The next area for the beginning bodybuilder is to choose the type of workout to do.

Your workouts can be using body weight exercises or working out at the best equipped gym in the country.

If you have not been working out for a long period of time or if you have never worked out, I recommend starting with body weight workouts. If you live near a well equipped gym, then check them out and begin with light weights learning proper form for each exercise.


No matter if you choose body weight training, free weight training or machines. The keys to success are!

1. Proper Nutrition

2. Proper Attitude

3. Obtainable Goals

4. Determination

5. Dedication


Bodybuilding or Fat Loss, one and the same

Bodybuilding or Fat Loss, one and the same. Please do not make the mistake that millions of people make each year, the diet spiral.

I need to lose 50 pounds - I need to cut out food or eat very little food. I know you have seen it on Biggest Loser and you see great results in a short period of time. Look really well at the winners of the show and you will notice how thin their faces end up looking. This is a sign of muscle loss.

Yes many of the biggest losers, lose 80 to a 100 pounds and yest 40 to 60 pounds may be from muscle loss. Muscle burns fat 24 hours a day. Exercise only burns fat while you are doing it!

Control your eating - cut out the junk food and soft drinks and focus on building muscle. Dave Draper one of the worlds premiere Bodybuilders gave me some advice a few years ago, "Build Muscle the Fat will take care of itself."

As you increase muscle mass your metabolic rate will go higher. While exercising, your metabolic rate will go higher and so help to burn off those extra calories and help weight loss while building muscle.

As your muscle mass increases the amount of calories needed will also increase. If you eat minimal amounts of calories while working out, you could get a reverse result, lose muscle instead of burning fat.

So please - do not get caught in the diet spiral.

So how do you choose a workout? Workouts need to fit you. Your workout can not be based on a 2 hour per day plan if you can only come up with 30 minutes per day. Your workout plan can not include equipment that you do not have or have access to.


There are hundreds of different workouts and people get good results with all of them. My personal workout preference is changing up. Every 3 or 4 weeks, I take a few days off from training and then begin a new, different workout plan for the next 3 or 4 weeks. This keeps me from getting bored and it keeps my muscles confused. This fits me, your job if you choose to accept it, is to find what fits you.

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