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Brain Working Recursive Therapy BWRT

Updated on July 5, 2014

Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Brain Working Recursive Therapy ® (BWRT) is a relatively new therapeutic process although its principles are based on long accepted scientific research on how the brain works. It uses the known brain functioning and processing of data and in doing so can correct either inappropriate or unhealthy patterns and reactions to a person's environment.

All of us are being bombarded with so much information that stimulates the brain into action that we couldn't possibly consciously process it all. The brain filters what we become are consciously aware of and bypasses the conscious mind for the vast majority of data coming our way. This is why sometimes we accidentally cut ourselves we don't notice it until we see some blood. Once we consciously see the injury we are much more likely to feel the sensation of pain associated with that cut. Until that time, the brain had filtered it from us.

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® acknowledges the speed of the brain's processing powers and harnesses it to help make a change to habits, urges and behaviours that previously we have been unable to either control or change.

BWRT - Brain Functioning
BWRT - Brain Functioning

How Does BWRT® Work?

Before I explain how BWRT® works, it can be helpful to have an outline of how the brain processes information and then sends instructions to the body.

How the Brain Works

When we experience some stimuli either internal or external to our bodies, our brains wants to find a way to react to that stimulation. The brain's purpose is to keep us alive by making all our organs function; breathing, heart pumping blood etc and also to respond to threats to us.

In order to know how to respond it looks for common factors from what it has processed before. If it finds those common factors a similar response will be activated. So for a person who has been trapped in a cupboard as a child and experienced fear and a loss of control, the brain will make a connection between those environmental conditions and anxiety. The child grows up and as an adult will experience anxiety in lifts or small rooms referred to as claustrophobia.

The brain processes information very quickly. When stimulated, electrical impulses shoot along neural pathways through various synapses extremely quickly. A person with claustrophobia will be in the middle of an anxiety attack very quickly after entering a place that the brain has decided could be dangerous. That's why the brain may also decide that when the doors close on an underground train or aircraft, that a threat to life is possible and the brain will make the body ready to take action by pumping adrenaline into the blood stream.

BWRT and How It Helps

Brain Working Recursive Therapy uses the same way the brain processes information, to help a person to have a different and more enabling response to a behaviour that they have found unhelpful. Taking the previous example, BWRT requires a person to recall the strongest memory of when they have had that feeling or panic and loss of control. This doesn't have to be the very first time the behaviour occurred and indeed it might be a more recent experience. The BWRT therapist then guides, with ever increasing speed, the person to choose a different outcome from the memory of that difficult experience. The process loops around at speed and creates a different neural pathway and more desired response for the brain to send to the body.

BWRT in London

I am Steven Harold and I am a BWRT® therapist.

I have a busy practice in East London and offer a free consultation that is without any further obligation. You are welcome to come along and let me know what you would like help with and to find out more about BWRT.

The practice is based close to Leytonstone tube station (Central Line) and close to the main roads A12, M11, M25 and A406. To find more information and contact details please visit my website by clicking BWRT

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More About BWRT

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Please let me know if you have any questions about BWRT®

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