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Bulimia Tips: Self Help Ideas

Updated on September 21, 2011
Ask anyone and theyll tell you self help is crucial to eating disorder recovery.
Ask anyone and theyll tell you self help is crucial to eating disorder recovery.

If you do a search online for bulimia tips, it is possible that you may end up at one of the Web sites that may actually trigger bulimic behavior. At worst, these sites actually offer tips for how to be bulimic instead of bulimia prevention. Not exactly conducive to someone trying to kick their habit.

However, if you are lucky you will end up on an article like this or a Web site that actually offers the sort of help with bulimia that will help you regain a normal, happy, healthy life. Bulimia help Web sites will teach you how to cope with stress and the problems that you have in your life, rather than enabling you to continue destructive eating disorder behaviors.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you self help is crucial to eating disorder recovery. Self help, just like it sounds, comes from within. It is based upon the idea that you are responsible for what you're doing to yourself and your body. Self help recovery methods acknowledges that you have to take action to live the happy and healthy life that you were meant to live.

Here are some of the common methods to start helping yourself overcome bulimia:

Read stories – Learn from the success of people already in recovery. Read about my 20 tumultuous years of living with an eating disorder and my bulimia story. My story is one that involved self help, but there are many others. Recovery is an individual journey, so read success stories to learn about all of the bulimia treatments people have tried so you can determine what works best for you.

Read books – Gurze Books offers a selection of very useful and informative books relating to all types of eating disorders. They sell books about self esteem and body image, education, prevention, and medical issues relating to bulimia, stories for men, and bulimia tips for recovery.

Arming yourself with accurate information is very useful in the recovery process. Just as if you wanted to become an investor you might read books about how Warren Buffet, the richest investor in the world, made his billions, reading bulimia stories and their healing processes can be both informative and inspirational.

Find an online support group – Online bulimia forums and chat rooms can again be a great source of information and help if you have no one else to turn to. One of the largest and long-standing Web sites is at

Find a mentor – Recovery can be a long, lonesome road – if you let it be. Find someone who has gone through what you're going through to give you the guidance and reassurance along the way. Overeaters Anonymous is one of the largest support groups in the United States and offers its members one-on-one support through program sponsors.

Find ways to stay healthy – If your binging and purging has such a strong hold on you that you feel out of control even though you can see what it is doing to your body then at least try and stay healthy while you work on overcoming bulimia. Don’t abuse laxatives, brush your teeth regularly, drink lots of water, and consider vitamin supplements.

Other bulimia resources – There are hundreds of Web sites that offer help for bulimia and eating disorders, so keep searching. They offer bulimia tips, ebooks, recovery programs, Facebook groups, links to bulimia treatment facilities and much more. Additionally, resources such as the official National Eating Disorders Web site, the Overeaters Anonymous Web site, and many other helpful online resources can be great tools for self help.


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