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Butt Firming Exercises for a Beautiful Bum!

Updated on July 11, 2009

Do you Need Butt Firming Exercises?

If you have ever tried fitting back into your old jeans to find it impossible or if you feel embarrassed about bending over in case your even generous pants give at the seam then you need butt firming exercises

However those who have very little in the way of a bum are also good candidates for firming their buttocks because round, muscular bums without much fat are sexy and make you feel sexy too.

Who does not want to look and feel sexy while turning heads as you pass?

The first step to achieving this is to change how you exercise to get the most out of your butt muscles to firm and tone that area in all the right ways.

Some Great Easy Butt Firming Exercises

1. Squats

Squats are my favorite exercise. They are great to develop strength and muscle in the thighs and the bum. You can do these with a barbell on your back or with weights in your hands or without any weights at all and they can all give good results as long as you concentrate on clenching your buttocks as you lower and raise which makes it easier and tones that muscle.

God squatting technique is essential however as your back must be straight as you do this and your chin must be up. Play with how far apart your feet are and how you angle your feet too and if you are having trouble having a barbell or just a stick to sling over your shoulders and hold on to can help keep balance and form.

2. Walking Lungs

Lunges are great and i use this one as a warm up before nearly every exercise for stretching too.

Stand with your feet together facing forward with your hands on your hips and looking straight ahead. Lunge forward with one big step then bend at the knees until your trailing leg shin touches the floor, then stand back up swing the trailing leg forward to be the new leading leg in a new lungs and repeat repeat. I use this to walk around the room a few times when i need a break from the computer its a nice distraction!

3. Gluteus Kickback

Another great butt firming exercise is the Gluteus Kickback. This is where you are on your hands and knees (grab a yoga mat by the way a solid investment in good exercise at home and the gym!) with your legs at 90 degrees to your body and your arms the same and with your head raised slightly.

Raise one leg off the mat keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees too so that your foot goes above your head and your upper leg is horizontal to your body. Clench that legs buttock and slowly lower it to the floor. Repeat with your other leg ... no need to rush these it is the quality of the workout that counts.

4. Step ups

The simplicity of this exercise appeals to me. All you need is a step or a rock or anything raised off the ground you can step on.

Simply step with one foot onto the object then bring your other leg up next to it then step back down are repeat with the other leg. Do this quite a few times.

The trick with this though is not to take an easy LOW step it is to get your leg up as high as you can manage so that your butt muscle really work to raise your entire body up to the altitude. You must alsy keep your back straight the whole time no wobbling not using your hands just the sheer power of your legs and glutes!

Butt firming exercises are one important step to having a sexy toned bum but with only exercise you will not have this because it may lie under a layer of fat that is very hard to remove especially for women who naturally store fat around the bum and hips.

The only way to get the great body and great behind you desire so you can wear the great clothes you want and feel as attractive as you deserve is to combine this with more focused exercises and most importantly a diet that not only burns fat ... but a diet that boosts your metabolism into high gear so it burns more fat on an ongoing basis.

This is not just about eating LESS either or just about counting calories it is about eating the right foods and the right time int he right quantity to affect a real change in your body and fitness.

If you leave it just to exercise or just to a new fad diet you will find minimal progress or progress that is lost as soon as you stop your grueling regime!

If you want to know more about how to get that sexy butt that will turn heads click below for the complete solution.

What is Your Motivation for a Firmer Butt?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yeh, this is great info

    • Better Bum profile imageAUTHOR

      Better Bum 

      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Not a problem, good luck with your bum toning :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for helping me accomplish my goals.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      To look my best. Good lense.


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