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Buy Pull Up Bar - Pull Up Bars Under 50

Updated on March 26, 2011

Pull Up and Chin Up Bar Options


Pull Up Bars for Home Fitness

Easy choices for a Home Pull Up Bar

As someone who works at home and also has a young child it can be difficult to maintain a healthy activity level. Dedicating a specific time to working out and exercising is near impossible and any routine can be interrupted at a single wail or beep. In addition, an easily accessible workout area with free weights is difficult to create as it could create a safety concern for an inquisitive little one.

Luckily, weight issues are probably never going to be a concern, a healthy diet and lifestyle combined with an overactive metabolism ensures that. Since strength training is my primary concern, body weight exercises are sufficient and actually often cited as superior for overall strength and balanced conditioning.

But, some sort of dedicated space or apparatus does provide psychological impetus to actually perform the exercises. Anyone with six feet of clear space can do a full body routine with body weight but this tends to just not occur.

Buying and installing a pull up bar really helped spur me to start exercising on a frequent basis.

Styles of Pull Up Bars

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

My first at home pull up bar was the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar - Extreme Edition. It's a box you have probably seen in your travels. Ive seen this product at every big box sports supply store and at Kmart, Walmart and even small pharmacies.

Its a 'home gym" system that allows you to work out at home using your doorway without any permanent installation problems. It stays in place safely by using the two sides of your door frame to stay secure. In this regards its safe and as it describes.

The item takes maybe 4 minutes to put together and install in your doorway and is of solid construction.

I like it and would recommend it. That being said, I returned mine. It says it fits most standard doorways, but in my section of NY, our older homes all have ornate doorframes, the Iron Gym pull up bar would not work in my current home or any I have lived in the last 10 years. In addition my Father in Law purchased one (non-extreme edition) and in his newly built home, the door frames are decorative and only tacked in with finishing nails so are not secure enough to leverage the item. 2 tries - 2 Fails .

After reading the specs on Amazon it clearly states that your trim or molding needs to be under 3.5 inches wide. So I cant claim that they misrepresent the product. But, this detail is not printed on external packaging so I wasn't able to ascertain it in the store.

In stores, the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar sells for between $40-$70 USD depending on the model (Extreme Edition is a deluxe model that features additional handgrips) but online through eBay or Amazon as highlighted here - the deluxe addition can be purchased for less than $40 including shipping.

Although, I returned mine, I ended up getting one as a gift also, so I can say that its still useful for pushups, dips and ab exercises. For pushups it allows you to dig lower and stress the negative end of the movement. Using my couch (cushions removed), an ottoman and this device allows for the same effect doing tricep dips (extend the negative) and the use of the doorway and this device is great for crunches and situps.

Pick one up on Amazon

Buy Pull Up Bar
Buy Pull Up Bar

Traditional Doorway Chin Up Bars

Since the "easy install" Iron Gym was unfortunately incompatible with my house design, I looked for a traditional doorway style chin up bar instead.

After reading through various reviews making sure none had a consistent complaint about a design or manufacturing flaw, I found a suitable model for around $20 including shipping. Since Amazon would ship the item with free supersaver shipping if the total exceeded $25 adding a useful accessory such as ab slings or an instructional book or video can get your most bang for the buck.

Exercise Routines for Chin Up Bars

Below you will find some videos that showcase some exercises and variant grips that can be used with a chin up bar, I would be surprised if you were familiar with all the options. Take a glance through.

Bruce Lee was a huge proponent of body weight exercises as was Arnold when he was Mr Olympia. Both of their training manuals are classics that deserve a place on your shelf and in your mind, consider adding the books to your purchase to get the free shipping option.

Side to Side Chin Ups

Alternate Grips and Chin Up Variants

Cliffhanger Pullups

P90x Pull Up Bars - Assisted Pull Ups


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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Great hub but this would kill me.

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      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I am kind of ecstatic when I learned the pull-up crunch a year back.