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Is Zero Point Energy A Miracle Healer?

Updated on July 26, 2016

by Kelley Eidem

Kelley Eidem
Kelley Eidem

You know, Zero Point Energy isn't just for turning cheap wine into the best bubbly you've ever had. (More about that later.) Actually ZPE does better than that.

Just watch this video to see what I mean...

If your eyes are still dry after watching that video, maybe zero point energy can help you. ;-)

But wait...there's more...

Parkinsons, stroke, osteoporosis part 1 (31 seconds)

Parkinson's, mild stroke, and osteoporosis Part 2 (minutes later)

His improvement might blow you away.

92 year old grandma with pain in her shoulder

This 92-year-old nanna had fallen two years earlier. We might think that when someone reaches that age, there is little that can be done. You've heard it before, "You just have to live with it."

See what happens.

92 year old's knee and leg

In this video, you'll see nanna lift her arm completely straight up with no apparent limitation.


How does it all work?


The idea behind the Amega Wand can best be described by this: what if you looked into a super powerful microscope? At some point all the atoms would look similar with protons, electrons, etc. Below that are subatomic particles.

Beyond that is an area that Albert Einstein theorized as zero point energy. It can be looked at as a reservoir for the source of all physical energy. The wand is designed to resonate with the zero point energy.

To make a wand that resonates with the ZPE, it requires nannotechnology and time. But today, that technology is here.

By resonating with the zero point balance, it helps to remind us of our balance where wellness resides.

All things have zero point energy: food, plants, etc. Wanding a lemon, for instance, will change the taste of the sour lemon to a much sweeter taste. It will also change cheap wine into tasting like a $50 bottle according to some who have tried the experiment.

This can be a lot of fun to do when eating out. First you wand your own food and drink. This typically creates curiousity. Then you become the hero of the evening by transforming everyone's wine into the nectar of the gods. ;-) The downside is that everyone wants to buy your wand.

If you'd like to find out more, please feel free to contact me at Be sure to put "Kelley" in the subject line or I might miss it.


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    • Kelley Eidem profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelley Eidem 

      10 years ago from Panama City, FL

      Thank you for your questions, Holly.

      I'm anxiously awaiting for my Amega wand to arrive. My understanding is that the device reminds us of (resonates with) source from where all energy originates. In that state there is no pain, swelling or numbness.

      The wand is a resonator of zero point energy. In other words, we heal ourselves - the wand doesn't heal anything. We are supposedly reservoirs of zero point energy, as are our pets and all other living things.

      The wands allows us to tune into the reservoir where pain, swelling and numbness are nonexistent.

      In the video of the man with Parkinsons and previous stroke, the man inches forward while shaking uncontrollably. He is barely able to move forward a couple of feet.

      The next video shows the same man able to walk without his walker and without any shaking whatsoever. He walks about 20-30 feet and back again. His muscles were probably still weak which would be why he sat back down.

      All of it took place within minutes.

      In the very first video, which has a link to the video, another man who had been partially paralyzed by a stroke, is also able to walk unaided and to raise his arm.

      The best to you.

      Kelley Eidem

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi Kelley

      I would love to know how this wand worked for YOUR back pain? How long does the effect last and how often do you repeat the use?

      It's hard to tell what's happening pro or con in the first video set (very dark, don't know what they are saying), but the effects with the lady in the second set are very intriguing!


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